How to Actually Survive Holidays


I know this time of year, everyone encourages you to be grateful for the good in your life. Vacation, by their very definition, should be a time of reflection and gratitude.

So how could this time of year sometimes be mad all? Relatives to visit, parties to attend, extra food to make, visitors, and do not forget

I grew up not celebrating the holidays for religious reasons. That’s right, NO vacation. So I was in an interesting position … I’ve got so far off but no additional stress or obligation.

My coworkers who know this used to tell me how lucky I am. I remember thinking, “How sad is that?” Here they wait all year for this time of year and not when it arrived, the stress exceeds excitement.

When I left the religion, I wonder how my old beliefs to come together with my new confidence – especially around the holidays. Would I be okay with giving gifts (yes!), Eating turkey on Thanksgiving (no problem there!), Christmas tree at my home (so far, no).

One thing I realized I wanted was a part of the traditional holiday – more time with family and friends, have fun finding gifts that “perfect” for someone – but do not want the stress and flooding experienced by the people around me. The question is “Is it possible?”

Apparently, yes. However, I’ve had to be very strategic about it. Here are my tips to survive the holiday paket bulan madu karimunjawa – despite me being a beginner!

GIFT GIVING – One thing I’ve done in the past, and will never do again, is to buy a gift for someone paralyzed just because I “have to”. It felt forced and depriving me of the warm and fuzzy feeling of giving in the first place. Really there is more happiness in giving than in receiving – when I found out that perfect gift for someone.

Now when I do not find the perfect gift, whether it simply means “oh well, too bad for you.” I think that would not go over well because reciprocity is the un-written rule of gift giving throughout the year. So my solution is to buy a gift that is less than perfect? I better make one of their favorite treats (chocolate, sugar cookies, etc.) or offer to take them out for lunch or dinner (on me) during the holiday season when they need a break. What a better offer than the gift of time and attention?

“ME” TIME VS. “US” TIME – One of the reasons I think people are so crazy during this holiday season there is so much time spent tend to others. I know there are many women who love the holiday only for this reason but admitted to feeling a little dull after it ended.

It’s important to balance the time you spend with other people with the time you spend with yourself. Vacations are supposed to refresh us and give us more energy, not drain us. And if we always give to others, but do not “fill up our tanks” eventually we will run empty.

I have some “me” time into a ritual so I stay grounded during the holidays. (* Note:.! If you have children, I realize these suggestions will take a little more creativity to implement But that is not an excuse to do something for yourself)

The day after Thanksgiving – (! That should be a legal holiday by the way) For those who have Friday off after Thanksgiving, since Thursday is likely to spend with lots of relatives and friends, Friday is a big day for some time. Years ago, I checked into Bristol Harbour Resort (empty and cheaper because of the holiday) and spend days and nights reading, sleeping, hiking, and sat by the fire in absolute calm. No TV, no phone, no computer. It was weird unsettling at first. It was only then that I realized how “noisy” life has become.

New Year’s Day – Now some people may not be in a condition to do the “heavy lifting” after imbibing the night before, but since I’m not a big drinker, I dedicate this day to contemplation – where I’ve been, where I’m at and where I want go. I reflect on the past year and I wrote as follows: top 25 achievements of the year, 10 disturbances (AHA always great to me here) and my top 10 goals for the coming year. For me, it is the perfect way to start the new year.

Vacation DIY Crafts


The holiday season is upon us! October meant the start of a marathon holiday Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I never really realized how close they were three days of each other. They really just come one right after the other. Giving a short time to prepare for each, but again that’s why people started preparing for months and months in advance.

The holiday season is one of the cheerful … well at least for the most part. I know there are many out there who Scrooges humbugging everything left and right. But for those of us with light and pleasant holiday, we are always very excited for the holiday season to come! I know I’m very eager to please and warmth that comes with the holiday season. For me holidays also mean arts and crafts. The holiday season is a great time to craft! Perfect for creating a homemade gift, or simply create your own holiday decor, holiday open trip karimunjawa crafts, or a holiday card.

Halloween: Halloween holiday So the first is on the horizon; probably one of the best holidays ever made by anybody anywhere. Seriously, it’s just one day to get dress up however you want and enjoy the ridiculous amount of candy, or for adults, can enjoy the ridiculous amount of “sugary” drinks.

Halloween brings many opportunities DIY craft. Pumpkin carving is probably the # 1 Halloween craft. But there are more opportunities to craft other than that. You can make your own mask or Halloween costumes, Halloween cards, Halloween scrapbook pages and more. You can even create your own box Frankenstein-inspired treats your personal or party invitation Halloween.

I like that there are now downloaded and printed scrapbooking layouts, trinkets paper and digital stamps for all the needs of my craft. I do not have to go to several stores to find the perfect one for me. This is much more convenient when you can look for various things and then just print them immediately. SO crazy awesome. Internet Woww, talking over the world!

Thanksgiving: After Halloween madness dies down and everyone down sugar high, it’s time for the US Thanksgiving tradition is great! This holiday also brings a great opportunity for lovers of handicrafts. Thanksgiving greeting cards, fun and artsy decor, and of course who could forget the Thanksgiving turkey old good hands. It is always a must-do when it comes to Thanksgiving craft. So simple, your hands are outside Turkey … genius.

Christmas: So ends lovers Thanksgiving, Christmas, Christmas started it all. I mean really after Thanksgiving dinner people flock to the store for all night / morning / day Black Friday Christmas shopping experience. Its beans with me, I just do Black Friday shopping once, and I will never do it again. Crazy people. They’ll kill you for Victoria’s Secret pajamas and nightgowns … like noooo. You can have your “discount” nightdress; I will keep all my fingers intact received.

So anyways, Christmas brings more opportunities thanks to additional aspects of the craft are present for this holiday. There is nothing better than a handmade gift you made with love. It shows people that you spend time and thought into their future. The decor, scrapbooking, Christmas cards and Christmas party invitations are just a few of the many occasions during the month of Christmas crafts.

Benefits of Hiking for Health and Body Comfort


On this earth, one of the wonders of His creation of the Almighty is the towering mountains and beautiful. On this earth there are tens of thousands of mountains and scattered in various continents and islands. In Indonesia alone too many mountains, whether they hike most frequently, and which has not gone up.

Hiking benefits of mountain climbing is an activity that is quite popular with a variety of backgrounds, both among students, employees, employers, and even there are still old people who can climb the mountain. In Indonesia alone, many mountains can be conquered, ranging from easy mountain to mountain that requires special expertise. Such as rock climbing, survival skills and skills in organizing stamina.

Climbing the mountain itself basically had a whole range of benefits. Of course, there are some benefits that can be felt, and there are also other benefits that can not be seen directly. What are the benefits of mountain climbing? This includes:

1. Increase the capacity of the heart and lungs

Climbing the mountain has health benefits for our bodies. The health benefits of mountain climbing that first increases the working capacity of the heart and lungs. In other words, mountain climbing can strengthen the heart and lungs. This is caused by the activities of mountain climbing requires great strength, which will form the strength of the heart and lungs. With the increase in organ work capacity, then you will:

Minimizing the risk of heart attack and stroke
Optimizing supali oxygen and blood circulation
Protected from various kinds of diseases

2. Improve stamina and endurance

Benefits of mountain climbing is also very good for maintaining and improving stamina and endurance you. climb, then you certainly need stamina and endurance, so the more you do the climb, endurance and stamina will be maintained, and even increased.

3. Maintain a healthy body

The increase can also maintain a healthy body. In addition to the working capacity of the heart and lungs increases, as well as stamina and endurance are awake, mountain climbing can also maintain a healthy body. Because the air you breathe is far from toxic air pollution in urban areas.

4. Strengthen the leg muscles

It is a mountain climbing activity is inevitable that you can do on a regular basis, it will strengthen the leg muscles, and can also affect your bone strength, so as to minimize the risk of osteoporosis.

5. As a sports media

Benefits of climbing the mountain for the body as well as one of the activities to exercise, especially for those who are happy with the activities in nature. Usually sporting activities such as walking up and down the mountain.

6. Being closer to nature

Hiking activities usually associated with mountain climbing. Typically, the mountain environment and ecosystems have unspoiled and beautiful. So for those of you who are looking for tranquility in nature, suitable for your hiking activities.

7. Provide a new experience

The increase also will provide a new experience for you, be it a physical experience, and spiritual experience. When mountain climbing, you might meet a lot of unexpected things, which of course will add to your experience.

A Guide to the Annual Events


If a vacation in Cyprus is on the cards for you, you will be pleased to hear that there are a lot of events happening across the island throughout the year. Your main objective for your Cyprus holiday may be one of relaxation and soaking up the sun is plentiful, but the vacation in Cyprus also had to have a bit of adventure and exploration.

We all have different ideas of what constitutes a ‘fun’; some of us may want to indulge in some water sport full of adrenaline, while others may think that holidays in Cyprus should be about good food and drinks. Whatever you are looking for your holiday in Cyprus, this brief guide will give you some ideas of Cyprus and celebration events that you might want to check out while on your holiday in Cyprus.

Four wheels or two – If you like cars, then there are some events you might get to see during your Cyprus holiday. In early March the Spring Historic Car Rally featuring classic cars and a little later in the world rally championship heads to Cyprus – so look out for some fast action driving, as they twist and turn around the winding roads. There is one more Classic Car Rally at the end of May and November also saw more classic cars taking part in Forest Park Rally Troodos Mountains. If you prefer the transportation of two varieties of wheels, holidays in Cyprus during late February / early March will give you the opportunity to watch international mountain bike event, Cyprus sunshine Cup.

Dancing all night – The Cyprus really know how to party and dance celebrated their love through various annual events. If you like to dance, or just want to watch professional shake their stuff, you’ll get plenty of chances throughout the year; take a holiday to Cyprus in early March and you can enjoy a 3-day contemporary dance festival Dance Platform, or during May and June European Dance Festival see dance troupes from around the world compete with the locals. Then there was a big event Ballet Company beautiful weekend in July, and if you live in the area and take a vacation Limassol Cyprus in July / August, the Summer Dance Festival offers a real treat in the form of a dance performance in all types of public locations. You can also watch some great dance and music events in Ayia Napa every Thursday stretches in between (and including) November and March.

Music to your ears – If you like music, then the vacation karimunjawa travel Cyprus have all kinds of treats in store for you. In April, Cyprus hosts the International Music Festival Berengaria and 2 weeks long Ledra Music Soloists International Festival – both are perfect if you like the music room. At the end of May / beginning of June there was another chamber music at the International Pharos Chamber Music Festival. To a mixture of styles of music, taking a vacation Cyprus in mid-July, when the island saw Ethnic Festival and International Music Festival, both held in Limassol. If you like opera, the Pafos Aphrodite Festival in August / September is your chance to enjoy some outstanding performances in a beautiful outdoor setting.

Be Sports – If you want some action sport during your holiday in Cyprus, there is a lot going on throughout the year for you to enjoy either as spectators or participants; Troodos International FIS Ski Races is an event held in early March, or see if you can bag a place in Cyprus Marathon in the middle of the month. For golf lovers, there are Cyprus Amateur Open in April / May and if you like a variety of sports, see if you can get a ticket when your Cyprus holiday to Lemisia; This international event saw competitors striving to be the best in a variety of sports, including karate, shooting, boxing and gymnastics.

Carnival time – If you want some magic carnival on your holiday in Cyprus, in late February and early March, Limassol and Paphos host their incredible carnival. There is also a beautiful Anthestiria Flower Festival in May is worth a visit.

This is only a small selection of events that are held every year in Cyprus. If you take your holiday in Cyprus, there are many websites and online resources where you can find events and started planning your Cyprus holiday schedule. One thing is for sure, whatever you do when you holiday in Cyprus, you must have had a fantastic time.

Natural events Along Impacts part3

4. Landslide

Landslides are natural phenomena that occur around the mountain region. Increasingly steep slope of the area, the greater the likelihood of landslides. Landslides often caused by  heavy rain. This is because the land is not  able to withstand the brunt of rainwater due to  the deforestation. Landslides  could undermine all the objects on it. In addition, landslides can accumulate  houses in  underneath. Throughout the month of January 2008  mudslides in some areas. This disaster which occurred in Brebes and  Tawangmangu huge loss  of wealth or life.

Landslide occurs when the top layer of earth and rocks detached from the main part of the mountain or hill. This usually occurs because of high rainfall, earthquakes, or volcanic eruptions. Landslides may occur due to natural faults and because of the weather in the soil and rocks. When the landslide took place the top layer of earth began sliding rapidly on the slopes.
Large amount of land from soil and mud slide is damaging houses, destroying the brick buildings in seconds. Although landslides are natural phenomena but there is human activity that is capable of causing landslides natural phenomena. Such as illegal logging trees on sloping, mining rocks and soil that is capable of causing instability of slopes, groundwater pumping and drying causing a decline in ground water levels.
5. Wind tornado

Tornado is wind  is very strong and moving play. Putting  pickaxe typically occurs when the heavy rain  and strong winds. Free tornado  waterspout could reach 175 km / h. Tornado  waterspout can fly all sorts of objects  in its path. Lately tornado  often occurs in our country. Some areas are  experiencing a tornado that Magelang,  Lampung, Garut, East Nusa Tenggara, and  Banjarmasin. Beginning in 2004 in Batu Layar, Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara and in Katon, Bali. 2006 typhoon Isobel originally a form of seeds storm in the southern islands of Nusa Tenggara and then move to Australia

The cause of the wind pting pickaxe is due to movements in the air very fast. Hurricane winds can blow up buildings and uprooted trees.
6. tsunami

If an earthquake occurs in the region near the seabed or it can lead to a tsunami. Tsunami waves are huge waves formed from the seabed as a result of the earthquake. On December 26, 2004 in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam and North Sumatra occurred 8.9 magnitude earthquake on the Richter scale in the seafloor that resulted in the most devastating tsunami waves and is an international natural disasters. Approximately 120,000 people dead and missing. In 2006, exactly on March 16, Indonesia was hit by a tsunami more precisely in the area around Pangandaran Beach. At that moment an earthquake on the seabed with a magnitude of about 6.8 on the Richter scale.

Tsunami is taken from the Japanese language meaning harbor wave. The tsunami created when the surface of the seafloor moves up and down along the fault during an earthquake occurs or when part of an erupting volcano collapsed into the sea. The tsunami also created when an earthquake or eruption occurred on the mainland near the beach. When there is a tsunami wave in the open sea, the waves are not larger than normal waves but faster speed. These waves spread out in all directions at an amazing speed of about 800 km / h.
As with other waves, when a tsunami wave enters shallow water, the speed will decline but high-altitude increases. You need to remember, that the tsunami waves have passed very quickly. When the speed is reduced, the altitude rose dramatically to be able to form a wall of water is so high and hit the beach. Several tsunami waves can reach a height of 30 to 50 meters. Tsunami wave height also depends on the shape and depth of the beach shore. Not all earthquakes and volcanic eruptions cause tsunamis and all tsunami in the form of a giant wave.
Natural events are not  able to be prevented. Earthquakes, mountain  erupted, and tornados can  occur suddenly. However, the actual  natural events that can be predicted  in advance. Meteorology and  Geophysics Agency (BMKG) can predict  natural events that will happen. The information was  disclosed to the public so that  people can save themselves.
BMKG  also in charge of observing the weather conditions  daily. Meteorological stations that observe  weather conditions, usually located in cities  large. BMKG have measuring tools  in weather and climate, among others, as follows.
1. Apparatus for measuring precipitation (rain a graduated).
2. Tools to measure wind speed (anemometer).
3. Tools to measure air pressure (barometer).
Some natural events can be prevented, such as flooding and landslides. Some efforts can we do to prevent flooding as follows.
1. reforestation or afforestation, particularly on the hillside.
2. Make swales (terrace) on slopes so that the soil is not landslide hit by rain.
3. Do not throw garbage in rivers, sewers, or other waterways because it  can
    impede the flow of water and causing silting of the river.

PlayStation 5 will likely soon Appear In Time Near?


Reporting from Unilad , an analyst with Macquarie Research, Damian Thong predicted that Sony soon launch a new variant of the PlayStation, PlayStation 5 in mid-2018 in order to increase sales of their games. Thong Sony predicts that profits will increase by 13% in 2018 before reaching a peak of 565.6 billion yen when closing the books at the end of March 2019. Following the statement Thong:

We have seen an increase in profits from the video game industry and service network. We predict an increase of 140 billion yen is now closing in March 2017 to 180 billion yen when the book is closed in March 2018 due to higher profits from sales of software. The amount of increase in the ratio of the few first-party game titles will help Sony’s future financial condition, call Dawn Horizon Zero is getting Metacritic score of 88 points which in our opinion be a good start for Sony.

Although Sony get some rivals such as Microsoft / Xbox and PC gaming, we note that the success of PS VR (which has sold over 915 thousand units) be a sign of financial health of Sony. We predicted that Sony will launch the PlayStation 5 with the power of over 10 teraflops in mid-2018 to secure their current financial condition.

The amount of increase in the ratio of the few first-party game titles will help Sony’s future financial condition, call Dawn Horizon Zero is getting Metacritic score of 88 points which in our opinion be a good start for Sony. Although Sony get some rivals such as Microsoft / Xbox and PC gaming, we note that the success of PS VR (which has sold over 915 thousand units) be a sign of financial health of Sony. We predicted that Sony will launch the PlayStation 5 with the power of over 10 teraflops in mid-2018 to secure their current financial condition.
To be honest I personally do not quite understand about this, and I think only an Analyst who understand more details about it. If we wait Analyst predictions really happened or not.

How to Increase Your Beauty Garden at Home By Using Garden Furniture


Garden or a variety of ornaments in the garden can indeed be one of the main attraction for many homes. They will usually be able to provide a fascination, mystery, charm, to the various meanings there. In fact, the quality of time you can spend in the park will also be able to have a force that could help in changing the mood and also a person’s life. For example in garden teak furniture, they will not only remind us of the gift of life and naturalness of a very nice neighborhood .. Furniture park will also be a lot of significance because they will be able to invite a lot of people who can open up to the wonders and pleasures that are natural and can bring the atmosphere peace and a person’s life become more fully later.

Then once you get the results of the hard work in planning a garden decoration later, then you can begin to dig the soil and plant some flowers in there to make them become more perfect so that it can perform even better. Then step further is to share the park area in your home with others so that instead of your own who can spend time there, but you also get to spend a lot of time outside the home along with others such as family or friends you are visiting , Does not rule out also at this time if you want to hold a tea party and invited some close friends so that they too can feel the results of your hard work later. By choosing the perfect garden furniture, this will be one of the things that can make you feel proud as it can get pretty decor in your garden later.

While selecting furniture for your garden, you must take into account the type of use you want to serve. If it is relaxation that your main criteria then you should go to the hammock garden provides a perfect platform for you to relax your stress. A hammock garden can be a wonderful addition to any outdoor space that offers total relaxation and comfort in a stunning and stylish design.

Even there, you can also use the garden to relax, eat, read a book, sleep, to drink hot tea in the winter or a cold drink after you pass a very busy and tiring daily life outside the home. Model furniture contemporary or classic teak furniture can indeed be a very great thing in your spare time to spend a lot more quality activities and fun.

It is important to choose garden furniture with a lot of thought and consideration as it was intended to set the tone of your garden area. You’ll find a variety of materials and styles when you decide to choose finishers park. Material selection should depend on the environmental conditions and also on purpose. You choose from a number of non-corrodible material and corrodible. Many colors are available in garden furniture. You can choose one depending on your personal taste. While some colors may align perfectly with other nature may bequeath you with peace of mind. What ever you choose one thing is sure that will surely enhance the beauty of your garden.

How to Afford to Buy New Furniture


You’ve just bought a new house and you need new furniture to go with the decor and style, as well as some functional pieces that you do not have. However, you have a look around and not sure if you can afford what you need or want. Now is the time to make an action plan. When buying furniture there are several ways you can pay for it:

For many people the financing is the way to go. Most of the time you do not have to put the money down which is a huge plus. Financing consists of you make monthly payments until the furniture is paid off. The key to this plan is that you can get your furniture in front and monthly payments easier then dropped some money, especially since you just spent a lot of money to buy your new home. It is also a good way to build credit. The downside is that you have been approved for financing and occasional furniture financing rate can be high. Financing is a great way to buy furniture to create a large number of smaller and more affordable for you.

Installment is another way to buy new furniture. If the reclaimed teak furniture store offers an installment plan, take the time to examinetheir plans. Most plans ask upfront percentage. It could be anywhere between 10% and even 50%. Once you give them advance then you make monthly payments until your bill is paid in full. A downside to this is that you can not bring home furniture until you finish paying on it. Another downside is if you do not complete your payment, you may lose your initial deposit. This does not work if you need furniture immediately. If you are willing to wait though, this is a great budget plans should not hurt your credit and will break your big purchases into amounts smaller easier.

If you do not like the idea of making a contract through installments or financing for your furniture then another option is to save himself. It is time consuming, but in the end you fully have your furniture, and will not mess up your credit limit. A good way to do this is to open a bank account specifically with the aim of saving for your furniture. Then decide on how much you want to keep out of each paycheck to buy your new furniture. For example, every week you decide to put $ 50 into your new account for your reclaimed teak furniture. Make a plan and stick to it. This will help you afford furniture in your price range. In the end it will be worth the wait and the results you buy new furniture on your own would be a great feeling. The biggest downfall is having to wait for your furniture.

Unless you really can afford it, to avoid a credit card or small loan from the bank. The interest rates are usually high. And why pay more than you need for fine furniture?

My final advice to you is to plan what you can afford, deciding which payment method is most comfortable for you and stick to your guns. Once you decide what you can budget does not sway from it. Buying furniture should not send you to the poor house. So choose a plan that works for you and your budget.

Benefits for Body Rice


If we’re talking white rice benefits for your health then one of the most important things is the source of energy for humans.

1. Energy Sources

Rice is the staple food type that is essential for the human body, no wonder the world’s people staple food is rice. The content of carbohydrates and calories in rice is a source of energy that is not replaceable. He is a source of considerable energy to the body.

2. Supporting human growth from infancy to old

As a staple food, rice is the main source to support human growth. Ranging from infants to the elderly supported by the growth of rice. Substances and minerals in rice, making it is the best source to help the growth of human and become a staple food until old age.

3. Increase the good mood

Serotonin is a substance that causes feelings of pleasure in the brain, the carbohydrate content can jack up . This is also shown in the study, someone who diet every day with consumption of 1/2 cup of rice or a piece of bread, often experience depression and anxiety.

4. Prevent Cancer

brown rice contains a lot of insoluble fiber which will reduce the risk of cancer cells occur in the body. Much research has trust in it

5. Rice non cholesterol

Rice contains no fat or sodium and dangerous at all. therefore, certainly rice is also good to be included in a balanced diet.

6. Rich in vitamins

The rice contains many vitamins and minerals, for example niacin, vitamin D, calcium, fiber, iron, thiamine, and riboflavin.

7. Treat dysentery

benefits of rice in the husk, is considered as an effective remedy for treating dysentery. Rice husk aged three months to contain diuretic properties. Even the Chinese people believe that rice is thought to increase appetite, cure stomach pain and digestive problems.

8. Good For Bones

Rice is a “vitamin” for the bone to make bone growth formed. Calcium content of the rice is very important to build bones to be strong and prevent osteoporosis in old age.

9. Good for teeth

Dentition also in the crutch by rice, as it looks like the bones, the calcium content in rice was instrumental to form strong teeth.

Function Based carbohydrate content

Controlling Weight
Prevent various diseases
Good for heart health
good for digestive function
Prevent damage to muscle tissue

Choose A Bag Man Who According With Our Character

Appearance indeed became one of the attraction for a man. Because with a cool and interesting appearance into its own added value. For men in daily activities usually require a bag that his functions in accordance with the kegiatanya. This time we will be reviewing the bag what is appropriate and in accordance with the character of a man. Following explanation :


1. Backpack
For men the kind of casual bags is definitely has a lot of benefits. in addition to the design of the bervariasai also have a space that is large enough to fit a lot of stuff. This backpack can be used to a student or to go travelling.


2. Mount Bag
Although his model similar to the bag back but desainya is very different because it is made from a strong, anti air and very sensitive with a very cool mountain air. The model of the mountains is usually simple and most importantly could hold many supplies are very important when climbing the mountain.


3. the bag of the working man
Branded man tas batam terbaru is true to its name it is suitable to be used for the activity of the Office is very elegant. Desainya are usually very clasic and masculine with a very elegant leather.


4. Sling Bag man
This bag is perfect for you who like to hang out together with friends and love hanging out at a cafe with friends. With a long rope and a not too large room just enough to accommodate the mobile phones and wallets. You can get a bag of men online by searching for a trusted online shop and sell Bag Sling man a bargain.


5. waist Bag
This minimalist shape bag perfect for you who like outdoor activities that require rapid motion. Minimalist size is usually only used as a mobile phone or other small items. Lots of online shop selling bag this guy with the variation of the model and also the brand.


Well that’s the last bag of some kind of guy that you can select for your daily activities. Customize with your activities and functions so it will be very useful. The man with the bag and select the model and design that fits with your character. What does masculine, elegant, sporty, or the more adventurous such as by wearing the bag.


Such articles that discuss men’s bags, may be useful
Thank you for reading this article
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