42 Places Batu Malang and Surrounding Newest Offers Part 8

  1. Turkish-Bolu Bolu Malang

Turkish-Bolu Bolu Malang

Sponge-like sponge cake ya name? Hehe no mistake, this is the name of the beach that is quite ciamik to be a tourist destination you later. It is not too far from the city poor. There are several tourist sites are also lying cheek by jowl with this beach is Banyu plummeted. For those of you who love to  paket wisata malang swim, here is the perfect place to bersnorkling dilautan with the fishes, but do not forget to make our aja selfie in the water also yaaaa hehe … read more> Turkish Bolu Bolu Malang

  1. Niagara Drops Banyu Malang


There are still a lot of travelers who do not know the whereabouts waterfall tumbled banyu very beautiful and directly with a very wide ocean. The place is in beauty are simply amazing with very clear water plus a panoramic view of the surrounding will make you reluctant to leave the beach. in Purwodadi Subdistrict Tirtoyudo, Malang, East Java.

  1. Lenggoksono beach Malaga


The beach is located in the hamlet Lenggoksono, Purwodadi, Tirtoyudo, Malang in East Java. There are thousands of marine animals that you can find here such as lobster, squid, mussels, and others, and was often seen around the beach a lot of people fishing, so if you are a hobby of fishing do not forget to bring full equipment yes. It is said that the name of the beach is derived from the number of trees existing sono location, winding streets also cause the name of this beach to “swing sono” .

  1. Off the coast pickpocket Malang


Bajul comes from Javanese language, which means crocodile (crocodile) is a beach resort in Malang already very well known enough to be disebuah Village Gajahrejo Gedangan District of Malang, East Java. If you depart from the city of Malang you can take the route from the direction Turen and turn south toward the direction of the beach location Sumbermanjing blue spring (island Sempu) and beach tamban. crocodile to death for supposedly discovered in 1890 in a dead crocodile was in a beach location, and there are also myths that say that there is a long rock that resembles a crocodile around the beach.

  1. Turkish Kondang Merak Malang


Being by the ocean southern coast of Indonesia in the Village District of Bantur Donomulyo Sumberbening Malang, Java Timur.  Have considerable distance is about 68 kilometers from the city of Malang. The beach is located around the coast near the beach Balekambang but it still looks more natural because not too crowded. It is said that long ago people around often see the peacocks come to the beach then eventually named Kondang Merak Beach. But you do not need to worry because around this beach provided a lot of facilities such as lodging, restaurants, rooms, and even camping ground was also available here.

42 Places Batu Malang and Surrounding Newest Offers Part 3

  1. Picking Apples Travel Malang

As we mentioned earlier, that the city of Malang is a tourist destination super complete and will make you super comfortable to stay. Apple plantations is one of the mainstay and hallmark of Malang. Unauthorized feel if paket wisata malang 2 hari 1 malam you traveled without carrying apples from the city of Malang,

Picking Apples Travel Malang

  1. Coban Rondo Waterfall Malang


Waterfall or in the Indonesian language Falls is one of the tourist’s dream is always visited by the traveler. Next time we’ll tell you a little about rondo waterfall Coban, Coban in the Java language has a meaning Waterfalls and Rondo in Javanese means the widow, so “waterfall widow”.

Legend of the emergence of a waterfall say reputedly was once the husband is killed in a battle with a very naksi Lelono Joko Dewi Dewi Anjarwati and intend to snatch from the hands Anjarwati Raden Baron Kusuma. But the husband hide the wife of Joko Lelono then since that time the suspect waterfall is started there. Niagara is located in the village of Pandansari Pujon, approximately 12 Kilometers from the city of Batu, read more> Coban Rondo Malang

  1. Waterfall Coban Pelangi Malang


Located in a village hut Klakah, Pancokusumo subdistrict, Malang, East Java. Distance from the city of Malang approximately 30 Kilometers, and if reached by vehicle spent about 1 hour. Routes to the rainbow Coban very much because a lot of directions clearly displayed along the streets.

You can also sticking to the path shown to Mount Bromo or Mount Semeru, but the location is two kilometers after the village hut Klakah and do not worry because there are instructions kok way to get to the location. Although it is quite far away and need extra stamina to get to the location, but along the way you will be pampered by a beautiful green landscape.

  1. Eco Green Park Malang


A very multifunctional tourist spot, due to visit here children and the tau can learn together by doing educational tours eco green park unfortunate. There is also entertainment shows such as hornbills and eagle show, fire dance, and a bird show. Eco Green Park itself is located adjacent to the tourist sites Jatimpark 2, Batu Malang. There are some excellent rides that are here like the house upside down, jungle adventure, a unique collection of animals, and all the other interesting things.

The Most Romantic Honeymoons In Asia

Choosing the most romantic honeymoon spot in Asia may be your choice in destination honeymoon with your spouse. To make planning easier should discuss with a couple of factors that should be considered.

It starts with setting a budget and determine the destination, this is an important factor for long trips that require a considerable cost. Then, consider the weather as well, the situation where the honeymoon location and atmosphere. Lastly, consider the facilities needed and desired in a place you want to jump.

After considering the above factors, now take a moment to assess the recommendation list of romantic honeymoon spot in Asia following:

Gili Islands, Indonesia

Gili Islands, Indonesia
Also known as Gili Islands, these islands do not allow cars or vehicles so you can sit back and relax in one of the many restaurants there from classic to modern.
For adventure, go to the sea and diving, but keep in mind that the locals now rather protektive of coral due to the environmental damage before.
Pulau Boracay, Filipina

Pulau Boracay, Filipina
One of the best beaches in the world, this gorgeous never fails to amaze. With sand, especially in the white beach, so fine it feels like baby powder that is felt on the feet!
Thrill seekers will love the adventure has to offer, you can relax can find a large choice of luxury accommodation at an affordable price. Alta Vista de Boracay is a popular choice as a honeymoon destination. Again, make sure that you and your partner agree on your plan.

Pulau Phi Phi, Thailand

The island was once used as a shooting Holiwood film in 2000 starring Lenardo DiCaprio, a famous Phi Phi island to foreign countries.

Havelock Island, Andaman Islands, India

Diving, snorkeling, exploring the uninhabited islands that are a few things to do when visiting Havelock Island, located in the Andaman Islands in India. A dream come true for marine life enthusiasts and backpackers, Havelock Island is one of the few places ideal for honeymooners.

Phu Quoc, Vietnam
The island area is almost the same with Singapore. This is a hidden island suitable for those of you who want a honeymoon with the beloved.

Koh Lipe, Thailand

Thailand’s smallest island is so small that you can walk around in just one hour. But do not underestimate this island first. You can dive and snorkel with your wife. If you want to challenge yourself, you might want to swim from the island to nearby islands, which are not too far away.

Langkawi, Malaysia

Consisting of one hundred islands, Langkawi Kedah gem – better known as the Langkawi-sky. The wealth of wildlife that abound on the island’s largest, Pulau Langkawi, a UNESCO World Geopark status.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali has a variety of interesting sights perfect for couples who want to honeymoon by visiting exotic places using the services of travel, available accommodation from cheap to classy can be tailored to your budget.

Pulau Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

This paradise, located in West Malaysia, has two main islands that serve a variety of tastes. If you are interested in luxury accommodations and relaxing, go to Perhentian Besar (big stop). Regardless of which island you choose, basking in the morning sun while stepping on the heavenly white sand and can also enjoy the marine life while diving.

Lombok Island, Indonesia

The location is close to the Gili Islands, a paradise offering blue waters are perfect for surfing. Divers and snorkelers find many places that are ideal for its variety of soft and hard coral reefs.

Jeju Island, South Korea

Included in the seven natural wonders in 2011, Jeju Island attract thousands of tourists all over the world with an amazing view. Exploring the highest mountain in South Korea, an active volcano Hallasan, which is also a UNESCO biosphere reserve. Swim in the beautiful beaches. Also, you can really get in the mood to unite in love Loveland, Jeju is suitable as an amusement park for people who are married.

I hope you Get inspired by top island destinations in Asia is for your honeymoon, Honeymoon was one of the first activities you enjoy as newlyweds. Do you have a honeymoon in Asia to add to this list?

Safe Tips Vacationing with Little

Vacationing with your baby would be fun. Only, need special preparation in order to keep your holidays safe and comfortable with your baby.

So what needs to be considered. Consider the following tips: Travel malang juanda

1. Avoid rapid changes in temperature and weather extremes at a holiday location. It is important to note that does not interfere with your baby’s health.

2. Infant health is very important in holiday locations. Keep it give breast milk (ASI) and maintain the cleanliness of food and cutlery.

3. Give your baby room to be rested.

4. Avoid your baby from direct sunlight and rain.

5. Avoid people who are sick so as not infected.

6. Adjust baby food while on vacation with the usual food consumed at home.

7. Keep the food equipment. If possible borrow cutlery from the hotel that has been sterilized.

8. Avoid giving your baby a new menu. It is important to avoid the shock on her stomach.

9. When traveling, use sunscreen, a hat, anti-mosquito from natural ingredients when on vacation to a hot area / tropical.

10. A week before departure, in order to keep their health condition is in a state fit.

11. Consult a physician vacation plans. If necessary, ask for the drug to doctors as preparation. Do not forget, ask for a contact number so that doctors are communication when needed if find anything untoward in a holiday location.

12. Do not forget to fill out the vaccination if holidaying at the site of endemic diseases.

Turkish Kenjeran Surabaya

Surabaya also has bernuasa tourist beach. Yes, the beach Kenjeran Surabaya. If you are not a citizen of Surabaya who want travel with the beach feel and cost, of course, the beach is quite charming to visit with family. Beach Tourism Kenjeran there are currently two places are developed, namely beach Kenjeran old and new Kenjeran coast, commonly called kenpark.

From both places actually there is no significant difference. Only new Kenjeran beach packed with more design chic and modern. With the concept of travel nuasa beach, it remains the same in both places, which consists of travel breezes relaxing seaside region. Travel malang surabaya

Kenjeran Coast Tourism Surabaya

Yes, it is enough as a place to relax for a moment forget kepantan Surabaya, noisy and hot. You know with traveled shore, at least for a moment to refresh our brains that might need to be set back to take a step back to enjoy the beach area on the outskirts of Surabaya.

If you try to enter this area Surabaya travel which is in the east end of the beach means that you design your long visit. This region there is a special children’s games, there are places reserved stalls to buy souvenirs trinkets typical of Surabaya, who nuansa beach.

Such as you can buy a mirror with accessories at the edges in the form of shellfish in the sea. Or also you can buy mosquito nets for decoration door with motifs full of shells. Deh many souvenirs are sold with ethnic nuances of the results of marine animals.

If you visit in the tourist area of this old Kenjeran do not be surprised if this place is probably more memorable than the seedy New Kenjeran, Ken Park. Sure there is some sort of two considerable development contradiction with the New Kenjeran. Ideally, when the government of Surabaya build a new neighborhood, it means the old area should also remain in care, but unfortunately did not like it.

If you are visiting the beach Kenjeran, either old or new are actually there pemdangan good enough to be enjoyed, which is quite close to the Bridge. This bridge can clay with a fairly clear from this Kenjeran travel. So for those of you who despise just lounging alongside the beach, you can do here.

Kenjeran beach, because travel to the iconic beach, not infrequently there are events that are held here quite grand. For instance, many famous artists dangdut in this tourist region invited to sing and dance alongside the beach. Pretty cool indeed, ditangah-sea (beachfront) built a kind of stage that juts kepantai. So sort of a permanent stage made of wooden buildings. If the fitting is no big event, a seaside stage is used.

For new Kenjeran region, ordinary people call Kenjeran Park (Ken Park) Surabaya city government manages with modern nuances to tour the coast. This location offers travel packages in the form of air travel, sky, sports equipment rentals, including tourist bernuasa children’s education.

Uniquely from KenPark are shoreline is packed with built architecture bernuasa China. This is a special magnet to attract foreign tourists and foreign, because the building is a lot of tourists Korea, Japan, Thailand and eastern Asia came to Kenjeran just want to see the exotic building’s shoreline.

Kya-kya this building is called, so that when evening arrives there will be a romantic atmosphere surrounds this seaside travel. By the dim light and the beauty of lanterns lights make this beach like the land of the Chinese bamboo curtain there. Indeed, the atmosphere is conditioned to make nuasa coast of Java, but it seemed the Chinese coast.

Maastricht, The Old Town At The Southern Tip Of The Country Netherlands

Maastricht, the capital of the province of Limburg in the Netherlands Country located near the border with Germany and Belgium. In the past, in the reign of Charles V(1500-1558) this city used to be one part with Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany.The town’s history began when Emperor Augustus during the heyday of the RomanEmpirium, requires one important base for his army, which links southern Europe with the port of the northern part of Europe with semarholiday.CO.ID. Then, one of the settlements which are equipped with ditepi army barracks of the Maas River and a bridge with a wooden construction, built to cross the river. The name Maastricht is said to derive from the latin “Mosae Trajectum which literally means “where the river Maas practically“. As the settlement which was used by the army, is not surprised if in the past, the city has a strategic value in the battle. The city has an important point to be attacked and defended. Even Napoleon ever attracted and conquered the town. Relics of the past in the form of Defense forts and barracks of soldiers still can we see in this town until now. And the nickname for the city of Maastricht is the “650 City” aka the city fortifications. Some important events in European history have occurred in the city. The ruler of Europe, Charlemagne or Charles the Great, the great mass of rolling out ever at St. Servaas during a crusade in 1145. And it turns out the Musketeers aren’t comprised of 3 people if you think of the film “the Three Musketeers“, but the Musketeers to four named D’Arthagnan into the city’s Hotshot, dying as a hero when faced with the advance of the army of Spain. And the latest is the history of the birth of the Euro took place this town in 1993.

cool place

Now the city is inhabited by approximately 122,004 residents. And most of the population is concentrated in the area of the river which has now become the center of shops and Government offices. In the evening the pulsation of life still feels in this area especially during summer when daylight came longer than nights. At 10 p.m., there are still many people who sit in at the cafes scattered in the river while enjoying a panoramic view and a glass of beer or coffee. The city of Maastricht has showeda concept of success the Setup area of the river. Where the River became an important asset that managed to attract tourists. Anyone who has ever gone to Maastricht and never follow a tour down the river Maas with the ship, it’s hard to forget the beauty of the city’s riverbanks.
Many people say that Maastricht is not really part of the Netherlands. This opinionmight have a point, because in the past the Maastricht closer to Belgium and Germany, and also the people of Maastricht speak different dialects by Dutch people generally. And it is said that according to my friend who lives in Rotterdam, Maastrichtadopted it when people talk, that Rotterdam will hear chuckles dialect they use. Generally native Maastricht berperawakan small for the size of Europe and manners.They easily greet strangers with a friendly. If you like shopping, then Maastricht is the ideal place for people who love to shop. Equipped with a complete shopping arealies in the city centre between the Vrijthof and the field of central station, convenience goods, and the price is relatively cheap for the size of Europe. Shopping while enjoying a view of the river is the concept has to offer. If bored of shopping the various moneyed clan style, then every Wednesday and Friday, the market is five feet-style open in staadhuis page (city hall). This market does not make any difference withmarkets in Indonesia, the fuss is, and always was invaded by the buyer. Price negotiable with little neck veins, pull the engineering bargaining with ostensibly leave the seller, quite powerful on the market. So people most in the Affairs of Indonesia. For those who love to do a tour of the history, then in Maastricht there is a Museum with a collection of Bonafanten complete with a blend of audio visual technology. The Museum is known as the oldest museum in the province of limburg. Italy built by the architect Aldo Rossi. Museum with an impressive dome is one of the landmarks of the city. When entering the museum, we will immediately meet with wooden stairs as high as 35 meters that instantly deliver visitors to the two wings of the building and the main building. If you want to shop for items including art books and also souvenirs, then the ground floor is the place to be. And the most amazing is the terrace which directly relate to the River, where we can sit back and enjoy the panoramic viewof the river. Sitting there while drinking a cup of hot espresso coffee season while enjoying the passing by boat on the river Maas, truly an unforgettable experience. We also can follow the tour-tour regular who is provided by the Tourism Office of Maastricht as tour to the caves of Mount St. Pieter. This man-made cave is a result of the mining activities of the stones of the building in the past. Caution If this cave alone, because there is a confusing maze of 20,000 and could be misleading. The other was a tour down the river Maas with the ship. From the top of the ship we can see the beauty of mainland small hill flanked by Maastricht, heading to the border of Belgium and back again. Tour to Fort St. Pieter to see the fortifications in the past. The Fort was built on a hilltop complete with its underground rooms and hallways of the secret to flee during the war. And many other tourtour didn’t get I follow like Casamates tour, Guided city walk, Heelport and others. From a trip down the scenic town area in the South of the Netherlands, the important lesson that I can pick from the perspective of city development is how the Government of the city of Maastricht have a clear vision for making the city attractive for tourists, investors, and also for its inhabitants. The City Government utilize the whole potential of the area owned, wrap itin such a way in an attractive and innovative packaging and selling it with a high value. So it’s no wonder if the city into a tourist destination worth considering, where profitable investment, as well as a beautiful place for a liveable by its inhabitants. Derit brake a train that took me from Maastricht towards Rotterdam sound faintly marked the train had entered the Rotterdam city station as my new residence after such a long stay in Maastricht.

The Story is Funny And Inspirational: My Teacher Laughing At Me


The atmosphere in a class of elementary school (ELEMENTARY) riuh-rendah so the teacher asked his student ideals. After giving enough time to the disciples thought, teachers began asking their goals each.


Teacher: you want so what, Tin?


Justin: Singer, Bu! I’ll kayak Tatum.
Teacher: Good. All alone exceeds the famous singer. Don’t forget same later Mother, Yes. If the invited toksowtoksow, ajakin Mom! HIHIHI. If you what, Pen? (her teacher hard say ‘ v, so pick the ‘ p)


Steven: Doctor dong, Bu! Biar rame home I kept the same patient!


Teacher: Wuih, great. Definitely a lot of money later! Hmm … what the hell, you Bet?


Elizabeth: Mm … Want to be a teacher like mother mother deh. Hehehe. I right pans. (the same baseball could say f ‘)


Teacher: So, Yes? (flushes). The lofty ideals that tuh, Bet! Hehehe. HM … (see – look around) Well if you what, Med?


Ismed: so … clown, Bu? (tone coy)


Teacher: What? (ngedipngedip) Hahaha …


(other students join the laughter)


Teacher: Cook so the clown the hell, Ismed? There is not other ideals, what? Higher, so?


(The class laugh again, even the teacher been teary-eyed when Ismed celingukanstaring the whole class)


After his laugh reda …


Ismed: Emangnya mother could kayak clown Yes, Ma’am?


Teachers: Meaning?


Ismed: Clown it could entertain everyone, Bu. That had been sad or bête can laughing and cheerful because of the clown.


Teacher: But … (starting to feel guilty)


Ismed: Not everyone can play a role like a clown lho, Bu!


Teacher: Err ~ ~ ~


Ismed: well … so the clown that’s great right, friends?


Any class of silence …


Justin, Steven, Elizabeth, the teacher and the whole class started thinking hard.




The bottom line, sometimes older people a lot more demanding than giving spirit. So that narrows the meaning of “success or the success“. Unknowingly, they more often so the source of the bad mood than so mood booster. In fact, less heard and appreciated opinion Harleys a child. Heheh … [#RD]

Rumbeando Until Dawn In Bogota


If we only had one day to try to understand Bogota, a large city of almost eight million inhabitants, with its traffic jams, urban and human variety, we would have to give up enough plans; We accept reality and try to carry out the most suggestive.
10.00 Energy Breakfast

First, a breakfast of crepes, waffles or scrambled eggs at Crepes and Waffles, a chain with branches scattered throughout the city. Then we moved to the foothills of a hill to visit the Quinta de Simón Bolívar (1). To cross the gate of the house of the liberator of Colombia, in which the decade of 1820 passed, Tele trans portato us to the colonial time and to the moments in which the independence of the country was gestated. The mythomaniacs will particularly enjoy their bedroom and the lush garden. If there are forces and the soroche or altitude sickness does not faze us, we can climb to the nearby Cerro de Monserrate (2) to stare at the views of the city.

11.00 Green mango with salt and lemon

On our way to Bolivar Square with Sewa bus pariwisata, which is the epicenter of Bogota, we will often be tempted by the street stalls of fruit juices, fried coconut or green mango with salt and lemon, known as “mango bite”, and we will do well In not resisting. At the corner of Avenue Jimenez with race 7, we will encounter middle-aged gentlemen conspiring in groups and pulling white paper from the pocket: inside they hide emeralds of great value (Colombia is the world’s largest producer of this gem) And their trade with them. Nearby is the church of San Francisco (3), the oldest in the city and whose golden altarpieces deserve a visit. And finally, the experience of being located in the center of the enormous square of Bolivar (4), a large esplanade surrounded by historic buildings, the cathedral and the Palace of Justice, among them. There would be 55,000 people in it, according to a study by the University of the Andes. As a contrast, you have to go to the nearby café La Puerta Falsa (5), a small restaurant with a lot of charm. It is not surprising that it is featured in all the city guides, as well as being famous for its wooden loft with small tables, serves a legendary full chocolate, which includes a lunch (corn bread), a toast With butter and a generous piece of cheese.

12.00 Botero and Wilfredo

The rest of the morning can be spent in the library Luis Angel Arango (6). Its café is quiet and its museum, the Art of the Bank of the Republic, shows a collection of contemporary art in which the main names of the Colombian art scene appear. When we go for a walk in the neighborhood we will encounter the street of the Teaching or the Sigh. In addition to wandering, the area tempts us with two other activities: visiting the Botero Museum (7), which, in addition to the Colombian artist’s work – worthy of his drawings in pencil – includes surprises in the form of works by Wifredo Lam and Bacon, or enter the cultural center García Márquez (8), both within walking distance of the Luis Ángel Arango Library.
14.00 ‘Carpaccio’ of poor potato

To the National Museum (9) we can go for a thousand reasons; One of them may be to try the cuisine of different zones of Colombia that serve in its restaurant The Panopticon. Chef Eduardo Martínez has rescued ingredients that were scorned in Colombian cuisine and revalued them in exquisite recipes such as carpaccio de Gulati la or poor potato or flavors of the Amazon rainforest like smoked peasant chicken.

A climb up a nearby “mound”, as the locals would say, takes us to the market of Perseverance (10). The mound in question – 29th Street – is home to new Bogota restaurants such as Tábula or Pantone. Once up we are in a neighborhood with capital letters, with its corresponding market. If the steep knoll has caused us thirst, in any bare city of its central patio we can ask for local fruit juices, of names like lol, feijoa or granadilla.
16.00 A coffee called red

Turn down again until you reach the bustling race 9. From there you can walk to a cafe with a spectacular local flavor, the San Moritz (11). As soon as we enter, we will say a few prayers so that they will never be closed again, for to see the urinals there, with the lords relieving themselves against the wall, is priceless. The custom there is called “a red”, which has nothing to do with fermented grapes, but with the idea of coffee alone long water.

17.00 Dorados y textiles

Sería imperdonable no echarle al menos una mirada a alguna de las 34.000 piezas de orfebrería conservadas en el Museo del Oro (12). A pocos pasos, en la carrera 7, se encuentra también el Centro Colombiano de Artesanías (13), lugar donde comprar algún recuerdo que lleve las tradicionales molas, una forma de artesanía textil de colores vivos típica de Colombia. Y sobre la misma calle llamará nuestra atención el teatro Jorge Eliécer Gaitán (14), un edificio art déco proyectado por Richard Aeck en los pasados años treinta, donde se celebran conciertos de primer orden.
19.30 Ciudad de librerías

Bogotá es ciudad universitaria y muy letrada, así es que en ella no faltan librerías. Una de las más célebres, La Madriguera del Conejo, posee una sucursal con un precioso café en The Book Hotel (15), en pleno barrio de Chapinero Alto. El lugar nos hace olvidar, si lo necesitásemos, el bullicio de la zona centro de la ciudad y sus frecuentes atascos.
21.00 Cena en la Zona G

Gili Trawangan Lombok

In addition to the island of Bali which is famous natural beauty, especially its beach, one of the islands in Indonesia which has a gili getaway fast boat beautiful beach and unspoiled natural scenery is a tourist place Gili Trawangan Lombok .
Tourist attractions Gili Trawangan is located in the west of the island of Lombok, is one of the small islands of the group of three islands, or better known as the dyke. The most comprehensive of the three dyke is the island of Gili Trawangan, having an area of about 6 square kilometers.
The beauty of Gili Trawangan travel lies in the beauty of white sand beaches, with gradations of blue-green sea water. Gili Trawangan sea water is very clear, clean and beautiful coral reefs and pristine sea, makes the island of Gili Trawangan is highly favored by fans of special maritime tourism activities scuba diving and snorkeling activities.
The island is heavily frequented by tourists, especially foreign tourists who vacation in Bali. They certainly will make themselves available for a vacation to the island of Gili Trawangan. If foreign tourists just love this island, this island certainly has a unique beauty. Below we will write, the reason why you need a vacation to the island of Gili Trawangan when you are in Bali.

8 Things Likes Foreign Tourists

1. Natural Landscape Under the Sea.
You’re an activity like diving or snorkeling, Gili Trawangan Lombok one of the island that you should visit. Because the island is far from urban life, making the sea water is not polluted. From the beach you can already see the shades of blue of the ocean.
Because of the clear ocean water on this island, making you able to see the underwater sights such as the fish and the coral reefs of the top boat. With the beauty of the underwater world that is so fascinating, making the underwater beauty enthusiasts, did not feel quite simply see the beauty of the sea Gili Trawangan from the boat. The diving is the best choice, to be able to see the beauty in person.
If you are planning a swimming activity on the island, time to see the clown fish Nemo or fish. Besides underwater scenery, underwater currents is very quiet, making divers very much like swimming in the Gili islands for water recreation.
2. No Motor Vehicles
When you visit the island of Gili Trawangan, do not be surprised if you do not see any cars on the roads. Motor vehicles are prohibited by local regulations. So for transfortasi tool, pilihanya are bicycles and horse-drawn carriage scoop Lombok typically more familiar with the name of Cidomo.
The absence of motorized vehicles on the island, made unique for tourists who vacation on the island.
3. Cleanliness Beach
Local residents on the island of Gili Trawangan, is to maintain the cleanliness of the beach and their island. It makes you feel comfortable to sit on the sand beach, which is visible from pure white kejahuan.
4. Sunrie and Sunset
The geographic location of the beach is made in one day you can see the sights of sunrise and sunset. The layout of the beach one side facing east and the other side facing west, make you enable to see the sunrise and sunset. Because of the distance the beach at the east and west are very close together, you can travel by foot or ride Cidomo.
5. Residents Friendly & Safe
To make a tourist spot that attracts tourists, of course, people were friendly and safe environment, the main factors to be possessed. On the island of Gili Trawangan hospitality of the population can be as secure as you feel and your vacation on the island of Bali.
6. Nightlife
You like nighlife, even this island is not inferior to the Kuta beach. Lined bar and kiosk, you’ll be able to find in the area of central or local residents with the name of the art market. The best time to visit is at 21:00 central, because all the bars and stalls have been opened.
7. Where to Stay
A tourist would need a place to stay that has a lot of options, ranging from budget to five-star hotel. Gili Trawangan now have places to stay means that you can customize to your budget.
Today the island of Gili Trawangan is a paradise tourist attractions for foreigners who like to be recreational water activities such as diving and snorkeling. For domestic travelers are still rarely visited island of Gili Trawangan.
8. Close With Bali
Because the island is the main goal of foreign tourists on vacation, and Gili Trawangan island reachable by sea within 1.5 hours using Fast Boat. Make foreign tourists who vacation in Bali, always taking the time to enjoy the natural beauty of the island of Gili Trawangan.

Bali or Lombok? This is the reason why select Lombok

During this time many people who call that the island of Lombok is the son of Bali. Or is there a growing expression ” if we go to Bali, all just to Lombok “. There is even a book whose title ” Dong ayok to Lombok, Just 30 minutes from Bali “. The sentences illustrate that position Lombok Island as a position worse than Bali.In other words, during this most travelers assume that visiting the island of Lombok is the second option after visiting the island of Bali. Select Holidays Bali or Lombok ?


Reasons Why You should select Traveling to Lombok than Bali.


The natural beauty of the island of Lombok is boat from bali to lombok actually not inferior to the island of Bali. Lombok Island has now become the public spotlight after winning two awards in the event of the World Halal Travel Summit 2015 that was held in Abu Dhabi. In the event, the island of Lombok in the good fortune as the world best kosher destination and as a world best kosher honeymoon destination . The award confirms the position of the island of Lombok among domestic and foreign tourists. In that event, Lombok Island managed to beat the already very popular destinations such as Malaysia and Thailand.


There are several reasons why the traveler should choose a trip to the island of Lombok compared to Bali.

1. Mount Rinjani Lombok Island has

If in Bali has Gunung Agung with an altitude of 3,124 meters above sea level, the island of Lombok has a mountain more beautiful that Gunung Rinjani. Mount Rinjani on Lombok, is one of the mountains which are very popular among domestic and foreign tourists. Gunung Rinjani is the highest volcano to-two in Indonesia after Mount Kerinci in Jambi. With an altitude of 3726 meters above sea level, Mount Rinjani presents the beauty that spoil the eyes of.

Savanna vast beautiful green in the rainy season and exotic brown in the dry season would accompany the climbers step. The climbers will also appreciate the beauty of the lake Segara Anak after descending from the summit of Mount Rinjani. In Lake Segara Anak, hikers can fish and swim. With views of Mount Baru Jari near the lake, the atmosphere will be very memorable. Lake Segara Anak be hunting locations that should not be missed if climbing Mount Rinjani. Choose a vacation to Bali or Lombok ?