Do not Have a Portable Toilet? Do not Despair, You Can Make It Too!

PVC Cubicle Toilet

For many uses, the camping is a bitter adventure. Most of us tend to love the outdoors and camping is the ultimate way to escape with your loved ones, away from technology and day to day stress. But, just because there are positive aspects of the camping, there is a negative aspect and this comes in the form of a portable toilet, or in this situation, the lack of it. If you have decided to really rough it, there is a possibility that you will not have a solid ablution close. A short call rented portable partisi toilet company to provide your own portable toilets to the middle of the bush, you have to suck it up and connect with nature. But if you refuse to be one with nature in a way that you can make your own toilet before you leave home and be fully prepared for the adventure of camping.

This image. Your camping in the middle of nowhere when nature calls and you are too shy to take advantage of the wide open spaces to relieve themselves. You need a portable camping toilet, quickly. Before you start to panic, there are ways in which you can make an emergency temporary portable toilet that will serve the purpose for now. Creating a portable toilet while before you leave for your trip will avoid this situation and survival enthusiasts have come up with this great idea for those who still want to use a portable toilet in the wild.

You can create a portable toilet while you are at home before you leave for your trip to ensure that you are fully prepared for the adventure of camping. You will need:

· A heavy-duty plastic bags (preferably ones they use in hospitals as these bags are cleaned)

· A large plastic bucket

· Heavy duty tape or a thick elastic band

· Dry chemical disinfectants

Place a heavy duty bags in a bucket and secure with a band or duct tape. Place a dry disinfectant inside – you can use salt, potting soil or even kitty litter – and there you have it! If you have a plastic toilet seat to secure it to the top of portable toilets (also done with duct tape) this will make it easier to sit in a bucket. Taking the additional supply of plastic bags, dry chemical disinfectants and of course some soap to wash bucket. This toilet may not be fancy, but it would certainly be a luxury in the middle of nowhere.

Be careful because this is not a sturdy portable toilets that do not put all your weight on it. This is not a permanent measure and may be used only a limited number of times. However, it is an emergency ablution perfect for those who enjoy camping but still enjoyed using the toilet when nature calls.

Other Things to Consider When You Searched Toilet Replacement

Mewah Desain Kamar Mandi Kecil Mungil Minimalis Sederhana

Although everyone has a toilet, it is very difficult for homeowners to think about the features that distinguish them, until they have to start looking for a replacement toilet. There are different types of bathroom fixtures to choose from, for every pocket and for every need. Toilet price range varies from eighty dollars to two hundred dollars. In fact, if you look closer to the latest Japanese invention, you will be able to find the john with the most attractive feature.

It is important that you consider the practical aspects flush, when you search for a replacement toilet. In addition, you should take the time and measuring the time, if you want to make sure that you are going to buy one that will fit perfectly in the room and the decor of your bathroom. Therefore, if you have a small bathroom, then you should choose a toilet with a round bowl, while you have to get an egg-shaped john if you have room for it. Although a round bowl enough to give comfort, elongated bowl has an additional 2 inches of support.

At the same time, aspects such as using the toilet or a specific disorder or sick family members should be taken into account when you are looking for a replacement toilet. If the toilet is to be used only by adults, because you do not have children, then you should opt for a higher cubicle toilet seat. On the other hand, if the replacement toilets will be installed in the bathroom of your child, then you should focus on buying one no higher than 25 cm. Additionally, if you have a movement disorder that makes you in a wheelchair, you can buy a toilet with a seat height of 43 cm.

Once you have decided on this feature, the next thing you have to do is choose the flushing system. Although you will not be able to choose a replacement toilet with a water capacity higher than 6 liters, you can choose between the pressure assisted toilets and gravity casual dining. If you choose to pressure-assisted john, you should know that it will add 100 dollars to the overall price of the toilet. However, you can also find additional built-in features that can increase water pressure and clean the bowl faster, if you do not want to pay $ 100 extra for the toilet.

If the toilet will be available to anyone who enters your home, then you can consider paying for additional features, such as style bidet spray and cleaning device or a fan deodorized. This way you will make your guests feel comfortable, if they have to go to the bathroom after dinner. At the same time, if you live in a colder climate, you need to give yourself a treat and buy a heated toilet seat for your replacement.

Here’s Tips And How To Use Public Toilets

Activities are solid and activities outside the home often force us to use public toilets, such as a toilet in the office, at the mall or other places. Although looks clean, the presence of disease-causing germs sedot wc bekasi commonly found in every toilet we will use.Bacteria such as Salmonella , Streptococcus, E.coli and a variety of other viruses can cause a variety such as sore throat, flu or indigestion.
How germs get into your body is through the interaction you do with objects that exist in the public toilets. For example, when touched flush the toilet, faucets, door handles, or other objects in direct contact with you. It is impossible also to avoid public toilets because it is impossible to resist the urge to go to the toilet, even if imposed could cause new problems in the body, such as urinary tract infections.
But you do not need to worry, here are some ways to protect yourself from germs in public restrooms in order to maintain the health of our bodies, namely:
• Items that you take it like a purse, wallet or other items should not be placed on the floor of the toilet.
• Before using the toilet, flush used to remove urine and other waste that the residence of the battery.
• If using a toilet seat, wipe the toilet seat with a tissue.
• Cover the toilet seat with toilet seat upholstery if any, or use paper towels upholstery.
• Whenever possible, avoid to touch objects that exist in the toilet. You can use a tissue when pressed flush in the toilet or the door.
• Do not sit on the toilet seat if it looks wet or dirty. Positions that can be done is by sitting float without touching the toilet. You can draw on a wall or door while doing so.
• Close the toilet before pressing flush with a tissue. Please note, in the open state, the germs in the toilet can jump out and about or get into your body suddenly. If there is no cover, stay away from when making a flush toilet.
• Finish using the toilet, do not forget to wash your hands with soap or alcohol hand sanitizers. Wash hands the right way for 20-30 seconds, which included rubbing the palms, backs of hands, between fingers and under fingernails area. If available, use hot water more effectively kill germs.
• Dry hands with a tissue when you finish washing your hands.
Another important thing to avoid the disease is to maintain body condition, multiply food vitamin that the body resistance remains strong so germs will not interfere with your health. Using public toilets do not be afraid if you know how to safely use them.

Benefits Of Toilet Sitting On Toilet Squatting

Today many people are deciding what is good ujenis toilet to use.Actually, the election between the toilet seat or squatting depending on the tastes and habits. It all passed away at each other’s culture. Despite the fact, the toilet seat was introduced to the people of Asia (especially Indonesia) as the modern civilization which refers to the western mindset.


Our own society always more familiar with the model of “shitting” while squatting. Is it just because it’s cheaper?  In a study published in the journal Digestive Diseases and Sciences, Dr. Dov Sikirov explained to sit or squat position during bowel movements have much effect on comfort in the bathroom.

He instructed responders to try defecation by three different positions. There were defecating on the toilet seat height of 16 inches, sitting on the toilet as high as 12 inches, and squat down on the plastic container. Each respondent was also asked to record the time they defecate and what the difficulty is measured in a four-point scale. The study shows that when someone squatting position, it takes 51 seconds to move the stomach. Meanwhile, when sitting on the toilet higher, people need 130 seconds to move the stomach.

In addition, people who defecate squatting feel more comfortable and easier. Another study conducted by Japanese researchers. They researched the liquid released from the rectum either in a sitting or squatting. From the video footage of x rays revealed, anorectal angle formed from the anus increased from 100 to 126 degrees when the respondent moved positions from sitting to squatting. Researchers studied the possibility of a reduction in the desire straining during a squat. Straining during defecation is closely related to the occurrence of hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids occur when blood vessels in the anus swelling, while the pressure when pushing will cause the blood vessels to increase. Hemorrhoids can be caused by straining during bowel movements, constipation, sitting for long periods, rectal infections, or diseases such as cirrhosis of the liver. This disease can occur internally or externally.Symptoms such as itching in the anus, pain and tenderness around the anus, there are red blood in the stool, pain during bowel movements and appeared hard lump around the anus.

So, based on a number of research studies can be concluded that the use squat toilets are relatively more beneficial in terms of health because it can facilitate the disposal process. the shape of the squat toilet is also actually more healthy. The author never raised this at a media several months ago. Squat toilet has a swan neck at its disposal pit (hole shaped curve to the right and to the left is getting in). It is indirectly hinder microbes and bacteria out of the stool as a form of “goose neck”