Benefits of Hiking for Health and Body Comfort


On this earth, one of the wonders of His creation of the Almighty is the towering mountains and beautiful. On this earth there are tens of thousands of mountains and scattered in various continents and islands. In Indonesia alone too many mountains, whether they hike most frequently, and which has not gone up.

Hiking benefits of mountain climbing is an activity that is quite popular with a variety of backgrounds, both among students, employees, employers, and even there are still old people who can climb the mountain. In Indonesia alone, many mountains can be conquered, ranging from easy mountain to mountain that requires special expertise. Such as rock climbing, survival skills and skills in organizing stamina.

Climbing the mountain itself basically had a whole range of benefits. Of course, there are some benefits that can be felt, and there are also other benefits that can not be seen directly. What are the benefits of mountain climbing? This includes:

1. Increase the capacity of the heart and lungs

Climbing the mountain has health benefits for our bodies. The health benefits of mountain climbing that first increases the working capacity of the heart and lungs. In other words, mountain climbing can strengthen the heart and lungs. This is caused by the activities of mountain climbing requires great strength, which will form the strength of the heart and lungs. With the increase in organ work capacity, then you will:

Minimizing the risk of heart attack and stroke
Optimizing supali oxygen and blood circulation
Protected from various kinds of diseases

2. Improve stamina and endurance

Benefits of mountain climbing is also very good for maintaining and improving stamina and endurance you. climb, then you certainly need stamina and endurance, so the more you do the climb, endurance and stamina will be maintained, and even increased.

3. Maintain a healthy body

The increase can also maintain a healthy body. In addition to the working capacity of the heart and lungs increases, as well as stamina and endurance are awake, mountain climbing can also maintain a healthy body. Because the air you breathe is far from toxic air pollution in urban areas.

4. Strengthen the leg muscles

It is a mountain climbing activity is inevitable that you can do on a regular basis, it will strengthen the leg muscles, and can also affect your bone strength, so as to minimize the risk of osteoporosis.

5. As a sports media

Benefits of climbing the mountain for the body as well as one of the activities to exercise, especially for those who are happy with the activities in nature. Usually sporting activities such as walking up and down the mountain.

6. Being closer to nature

Hiking activities usually associated with mountain climbing. Typically, the mountain environment and ecosystems have unspoiled and beautiful. So for those of you who are looking for tranquility in nature, suitable for your hiking activities.

7. Provide a new experience

The increase also will provide a new experience for you, be it a physical experience, and spiritual experience. When mountain climbing, you might meet a lot of unexpected things, which of course will add to your experience.

Benefits for Body Rice


If we’re talking white rice benefits for your health then one of the most important things is the source of energy for humans.

1. Energy Sources

Rice is the staple food type that is essential for the human body, no wonder the world’s people staple food is rice. The content of carbohydrates and calories in rice is a source of energy that is not replaceable. He is a source of considerable energy to the body.

2. Supporting human growth from infancy to old

As a staple food, rice is the main source to support human growth. Ranging from infants to the elderly supported by the growth of rice. Substances and minerals in rice, making it is the best source to help the growth of human and become a staple food until old age.

3. Increase the good mood

Serotonin is a substance that causes feelings of pleasure in the brain, the carbohydrate content can jack up . This is also shown in the study, someone who diet every day with consumption of 1/2 cup of rice or a piece of bread, often experience depression and anxiety.

4. Prevent Cancer

brown rice contains a lot of insoluble fiber which will reduce the risk of cancer cells occur in the body. Much research has trust in it

5. Rice non cholesterol

Rice contains no fat or sodium and dangerous at all. therefore, certainly rice is also good to be included in a balanced diet.

6. Rich in vitamins

The rice contains many vitamins and minerals, for example niacin, vitamin D, calcium, fiber, iron, thiamine, and riboflavin.

7. Treat dysentery

benefits of rice in the husk, is considered as an effective remedy for treating dysentery. Rice husk aged three months to contain diuretic properties. Even the Chinese people believe that rice is thought to increase appetite, cure stomach pain and digestive problems.

8. Good For Bones

Rice is a “vitamin” for the bone to make bone growth formed. Calcium content of the rice is very important to build bones to be strong and prevent osteoporosis in old age.

9. Good for teeth

Dentition also in the crutch by rice, as it looks like the bones, the calcium content in rice was instrumental to form strong teeth.

Function Based carbohydrate content

Controlling Weight
Prevent various diseases
Good for heart health
good for digestive function
Prevent damage to muscle tissue

Your printer needs a reset.

You have your printer, innocent where you see it, or not display, contains internal messages that can appear, as when one is constipa, at the worst time. Is when he has to follow a healing procedure, as it is not very different with someone, although if infinitely faster, solve a problem regarding the recognition of cartridges, copier toner or drum of your impresora.res-1

We want to know the messages that your printer can give you, not to scare you but to be aware that if ever jumps a message such as those below we relate, it has solution and can be simpler than first may believe.


Such messages usually appear above all to replace consumables, whether original, compatible or remanufactured, so don’t worry if after spending such amount of money your printer does not recognize the cartridge. How to install printer driver they may appear at the end of a few impressions, it would be rare that after you install a cartridge and stay calm that everything works and prints correctly, appears the dreaded message ‘not there is TONER”,”Not be recognizes the TONER”or”Replace the cartridge”or one similar.

The importance of a reset

It is important that before a warning message you know how to react, because sometimes we can believe that the consumable is defective or that your printer will no longer work, so does not, in most cases, solve a problem such as not recognizing toner can take you no more than 30 seconds.

What we mean by printer reset

Unfortunately there are no resets (processes so your printer again to recognize or can continue to use their consumables) for all printers, only for some. But before proceeding, concentrate a little more kind of problems lead to a warning, and here as we begin to talk about printers Brother using toners, which are more warnings can be given but does not mean problems, since messages can be resolved more easily which other brand.

RES-2This can happen why own toner or drum gears are in a position as if a consumable dead were, or almost, whether it is a factory error or why to install it in the printer has made a wrong turn. Solution? Back to top these gears, later explained as.
To understand this easy, to the reset the consumable may seem is returning to zero on pages counter, but in this case what we are doing is zeroing the warnings or errors.

Is reset not update?

One of the common problems when using compatible cartridges are automatic updates. Through updates without realizing our printer brand launches a patch, which in many cases makes us not to use the compatible, this is not solved with a simple reset, but return to an earlier version of the firmware of your printer.

To know which you can look at it on your own printer or from your computer, within the parameters of the printer and download an earlier version. Best of all is that when installing printer uncheck the checkbox to automatically update, we will thus prevent that the joyous message “replace cartridges” us appears in half of a work.

How to dress dres or use short skirt dress

How to dress dres or use short skirt dressOne of the actresses of the moment is Zooey Deschanel. It is triumphing with his new series, New Girl, what did it enter in the world of fashion. It has a peculiar style similar to the of the it girls and much imitated, with touches of naif. It is a doting look and bright colors that has made it his personal stamp. We can get it combining a colour blocking but very personal look. At we teach you how to dress like Zooey Deschanel.
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Zooey Deschanel is characterized above all by his clothes. I usually opt for tight hip and flight or ball gown dresses. Normally it takes you a unique color, although occasionally he opts for a print. The patterns that you may consider are moles or some characteristic drawing, but always the same pattern.


In a matter of footwear, Zooey always opts for the French. You may try any simple shoe, since all your footwear tends to emphasize this. On the other hand, if you opt for heels, Zooey does not usually carry some very high, so better go for a formal and discreet heel.


It tends to bring jackets and sweaters of point to match your dresses. Zooey Deschanel opts is mostly for short garments, never the longest, arriving to the hips. Many of their jackets are be stripes or polka dots prints.


Often decorate their looks with few accessories. However, it tends to look large type nerd or hipster glasses of black pasta. In addition, small singlecolor bags love to Zooey Deschanel. So that if supplements are your thing, you‘ll find it easy to combine them with your look.


Another option, if you don’t like the dresses, much is to opt for jeans skinny combined with ballerinas. Although other essential clothing is shorts, which is usually carried with averages of moles or smooth. Even so, discarded jeans shorts and go for those who mark the waist.


In terms of winter clothes, coats of colors and buttons Crusaders loves. Zooey Deschanel is usually carried so long coats as short, jual sepatu converse navy so you can opt for the better you feel.


Another outfit that Zooey is usually carried are American. They will serve any type of American jacket that is so fashionable lately. And as we have already said, the protagonist of New Girl likes the colour blocking, so that this pledge is ideal to give the final touch of color to your look.


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How to dress the rock musician

How to dress the rock musicianRocker style is very easy to achieve, for both boys and girls. It seeks to combine elements of rebellion and transgression to create a very particular style. Each group has their preferences, but there are certain items that are always repeated. At we teach you some steps that you discover how to dress a rockero style.




Black leather jacket. A must to get the rocker style. Both the simplest and the most elaborate with zippers and pockets. They tend to be narrow and snug, in the case of the guys tend to take them a little more loose.


T-shirts. Wide or narrow, they tend to combine few colors and they are usually black and white. Dominates the white t-shirts that contrast with the black jacket, while striped shirts are always the time. Prints names of bands, provocative drawings or a slogan are common. You can also see the flag of the United States or the United Kingdom, as a symbol of rock’s most influential countries. Now girls the trend usually wearing t-shirts and wide shoulder straps.


Pants. Tight skinny. Black or red. They may be broken, but lately the rock look is more carefully and both girls and boys wear them without breakage in the knees. The jeans that are used are also something that you should have in your closet for this look.




Checked shirts, for both boys and girls. Ideal to carry open up t-shirt, a little style Kurt Cobain. The color equal, but often have pictures black, or a tone that won’t break with the style.




Leopard prints. They are very important in your lookjual sepatu converse hitam Any plug-in or piece of clothing. You can have jackets, bags, shoes.


Footwear. The rockers they normally have in their closet sneakers converse black, but any boot style black Dr. Martens that combines with your skinny will also serve. For the girls, if you prefer heels, are usually wearing shoes or very simple, black or red.


Dresses. For the girls dresses of this style are usually black and tight. On the other hand, are short dresses, but you can not follow a fixed therein, trend depends on the style of each.


Tights. For your dresses or shorts. The rock stockings tend to be patterned, lines, grid or torn.


Tacks. Almost all garments may be tacks, rockers often decorate their Blazers themselves with them, but many items already have them by default.


Hats. Kids rockers can take shortbrimmed hats, discrete combined with black Americans.


Informal costume. Lately within male rockers sector there has been a trend towards the costume. They dress in a casual shirt and tie, to join the suit, but never anything too formal. They are obviously betting on black.


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How to how to dress properly for your needs

How to how to dress properly for your needsThere is a dress code
Always read carefully the invitations. We’ve all been victims of this. Entering a code ‘black tie’ prom dresses in a casual way is not funny. You want to enter to the party and the guests return to look at where you are. People should look at and say ‘wow!’, not ‘whooops!’.


Black tie
At night you‘ll turn into a butterfly. It is the time for dream and fantasees who want to be. Use strong colours, beautiful jewelry, an outfit that is made to notice. When there is a code of black tie, men must wear Tuxedo or ‘tuxedo’ and women long dress or cocktail dress. Be creative when using a dress and are for very special occasions, look you!


Cocktail dress
It means short dress. Fun, out of your wardrobe this beautiful short dress, heels and your favorite jewelry. You can use giant rings for this occasion.


Casual dress
It means pants but ‘never’ jeans. You can use elegant blouses, but do not go to a t-shirt.


It means that you can use anything. Make an effort to see you well, since you’ve been ‘especially’ invited to a meeting. It looks spectacular.


How to dress on a plane
Don’t get sweatshirt. So be a face sweatshirt. If there is a competition between a woman dressed in a sack of cashemere and one with a sweatshirt… believe me that win which is using cashemere. The way that you present to the world is important. If the best lights, just as you will be treated.


If it‘s a very long trip, change your clothes ‘but’ in aircraft; then, when you land or you are in transit, dress better. Take with you a good jacket, a scarf and a pair of glasses (which you can use during the whole flight if you do not want to put on your makeup). As for shoes, use planes or ‘flats’. This is one of the few times where you should not use high heel.


How to dress for the first appointment
It should be a mystery in the best sense of the word. Reveal ‘a little bit’ is better than show all. Think of the fabrics that you use and not show too much skin. Silk, cashemere, soft fabrics, they work. It is the time to use your favorite set of underwear (for you, not for him) because although the output is a fiasco, you will at least feel comfortable and happy with yourself. Quiet, don’t worry when silence get to the moment.


How to dress to meet the parents of your boyfriend, your future in-laws
There is no eagerness, just remember that your boyfriend‘s mother ‘never’ forget what you used the first time you met. Don’t ask you your partner, he knows nothing, surely you will say: ‘ I am sure that anything that you will look amazing. My mother is going to worship ‘, (HA HA). All we know that his mother will come full of prejudices and doubts.


This is the perfect time to let your skirts and underwear in the closet and look conservative:
Skirts knee YES NO miniskirts
Jeans loose Jeans if not adjusted
Sacks Yes blouses with NO cleavage


Don’t make the mistake of completely change your style just to impress them. You must show them who you are. Only that you don’t have to show you ‘all’. Uses classic clothes, showing not too, but make sure that your portfolio or watch or accessories reveal a bit of style.


How to dress for a wedding
First of all, avoids being the bridesmaid. If you take a look at it, immediately answers the question: what to wear? But at a high price. Second, do not use white or beige, you could remove protagonism to the bride and I do not think that she or her mother are very happy for this. Carefully read the invitation. If it is a marriage of a night on the town, wear black tie, i.e. long dress. If it is daytime, in hot weather or the beach, use a short summer dress. If it is in the evening in a club, use top with skirt or elegant pants or shirt. Accessories and a shawl.


How to dress for a summer weekend
In warm weather weekends are to let your hair loose and natural. Jeans and t-shirts are key for this occasion. Dresses long or ´maxi-dresses’ in Greek style Sandals look very well. It’s time to wear a hat (you‘ll see incredible and you also protect from the Sun), your favorite glasses and large necklaces, maxi-bracelets. Instead of underwear, only on this occasion, you can use bath gown.

Benefits and Dangers Daydreaming


Benefits Daydreaming

1. Daydreaming at once introspection. Back to the past through reverie gives us an idea of what we have experienced in the past. Among these we will remember the old errors and other embarrassing things that we regret. With regret we remember and tantamount to motivate ourselves to be more alert and more careful to not make that mistake back.

2. Daydreaming giving spirit. Imagining the past where we still do not have anything and now has changed so much in terms of wealth, employment, etc. The course gives us the motivation that if I was like ‘this’ then I could be like ‘this’. So we can keep optimism about what we’re trying to do.

3. Daydreaming give you an idea. When we are depressed or troubled, our minds will be blank. We will become saturated, can not think freely and not freely issuing expression. If you experience such a thing, Daydream. Daydreaming, we will take a load off the mind gradually so from the original tension will gradually become lighter and refreshed.

Danger Daydreaming

1. Our minds become old-fashioned. Is not recommended when we are daydreaming. You see, we will feel like living in two worlds, the world now and the world of the past. Until the end we will often feel confused myself with our circumstances. If the past is not so important that we always daydreaming, of course it is not wise for you. The world’s growing so fast and just spend time effective if we always look back especially for things that can not be make again.

2. Daydreaming make lazy. When people absorbed in reverie, it will make it lazy. Think about anything merely in the mind only. Daydreaming it makes us lazy proceed and tried, too many considerations in mind that our lives will be there-there. No effort and progress.

3. Thought so petty, that if things daydreaming is obscenity and smelled of anxiety. No positive thoughts, there was this-that’s all in the mind and never-ending. When this habit then he will be a person with a personality that is not useful because there is no contribution that is good for him, let alone for others.

Tips to Make Interesting Vlog


1. The concept is important

The earliest thing you should do and think is determining the concept of your vlog, loopers. Decide what topic you want to discuss later in the vlog. Let’s not discuss the topic is too grandiose, you still suggested a topic that you like and understand really. Can be a comedy, reviews, tutorials, or random tips so. For example ya ya you like photography and quite good at, you can provide basic tips how to take good photographs.

2. Technical Issues

If already know the concept of what would you talk, it’s time to prepare the tools to record your video. You can use your DLSR cameras, camcorders, disposable cameras or your smartphone. Do not forget the tripod and gentlemen yes, loopers. Determine also the location for noise-free video recording.

3.Its time to record

Well this is the core of what ya vlogging. Record a video. There are several things you should consider when recording video, loopers. The first is mastered a topic that you have created. Keep on the second, practice for speaking clear and expressive, then note your body language.

4. Editing

If the recording is finished, the next step you have to do is editing. Edit specify the duration of the video you want to publish and stacking scene so unsightly. You can use a video editing application that is in your laptop such as Windows Movie Maker or other free video editing application such as Lightworks and VideoSpin.

5. Upload and Share

If the video you’ve finished editing, now you’ve prepared for upload and distribute your video, loopers. When you upload your video, also accompanied by a short description of the video. Make your video prospective curious onlookers alike. Oh yes Loopers, do not even say if it is your first video yes. Try to upload videos regularly let people always find new videos when turning to a channel-mu.

Creative Ideas to Make Crafts of Used Goods Cartons

Make handicrafts from old boxes you can do to get rid of boredom in his spare time. In addition you can make the boxes of the use value. Lots of old cardboard around us that are not used and you can use.

The problem is how to utilize the used boxes so as not to accumulate in the house. Sometimes we wanted to get rid of all those old cardboard, but was afraid that if you later need while if kept at home as well so used goods piling up and confused about what to wear what. Karton

Miniature Houses for Playing Cats


With handicrafts from the boxes the former we can save our shopping and more importantly you will get a certain satisfaction when successfully completing. Rework cardboard used can also be one to support the environmental movement.

With a few simple design and also a little creativity you can change the used cardboard boxes into a work that has the power to.

Crafts from Cardboard Used Goods

if you have a lot of old cardboard that are not used, you can sell to earn money.

But there is a better way to utilize old cardboard that is by making it a craft. Many works that you can make from old cardboard materials that are not used anymore. Here are some examples of crafts that you can make from the materials used cardboard.

iPad Stand from Used Cardboard

IPad buffer of Cardboard Used
IPad Stand design of cardboard used is the work of Alessandro Garlandini to Comieco, a company from Italy that focus on recycling of waste paper.

With simple tools and creativity to make the design, this stand of old cardboard can be an alternative to recycle used cardboard. In addition to making crafts such as this could be a hobby and fill your spare time. To design tamplate stand iPad you can get one for free here

iPhone Desk Stand of Cardboard Used
Maybe you often buy various iPhone accessories in the sale of accessories, but do you know if these accessories you can make an easy manner.

To make iPhone accessories stand you need is a cardboard used. To design as well as steps to make the iPhone stand you can read the tutorial on how to make the article iPhone Desk stand of Cardboard Used .

Make Home Playing Cat of Cardboard Used

If you have cats, you can make a miniature house as he plays. Taking advantage of simple cardboard containers and equipment you can make it home to play for a cat in a simple way. If you can not make it, you can read my article on how to create crafts from scrap cardboard

Membuat Makedo Giant Wind Ball

Giant ball that rotates to follow the wind direction is terisnpirasi by design Makedo Satoshi Tanaka. Makedo are children’s toys made from cardboard carton. Satoshi tanaka famous for its beautiful designs that he created as well as simple and visually appealing. You can learn how to manufacture this handicraft here

How to Make a Christmas tree out of cardboard Used

Christmas tree not only be made using spruce, but also can use the cardboard used. Martha Stewart makes the design unique Christmas tree made of cardboard. Christmas tree is made using colorful cardboard that we often encounter. Follow the steps in the article of manufacture Christmas tree

Bird Houses of Cardboard Used

Creative people who make bird houses from cardboard, this is Jesse Harrington with the help of software Computer-Aided Design (CAD) 123D. To make this craft does require special skills. If you want to make this craft Jesse Harrington has made steps to create a video design and manufacturing process .

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Unique Learning Lamp of Cardboard Used

Jesse Harrington may indeed an expert in creating unique designs of cardboard used. After creating a unique bird houses, this time he made another craft a lamp a unique learning. Methods used as well as steps to make this craft you can see here

Laptop Stand from Used Cardboard

One of the advantages of carton is easily formed and has a strong resistance. By forming the specific patterns and then merge into one to form a laptop stand a result of the work of your own. to make you able to follow the steps of manufacture here

Make a rack of Cardboard Used

By making use of cardboard used as funiture like this rack, you’ll be able to save expenses. In addition you will also get a certain satisfaction for having made a unique masterpiece. If you are interested and want to make this handicraft, please follow the guidelines here

Make piggy bank from the former Cartons

Crafts from scrap cardboard latter is a piggy bank. If you are already adept at making crafts you can sell it and keep the money in this piggy bank, hehehe. With the design and the addition of color will make it more attractive piggy bank. If you want to make it you can see the guide here

By having a passion for creation of simple things that will make your life more colorful. A handicraft is not measured by the good or bad of the work produced, but rather the satisfaction and enthusiasm for channeling creativity.

How Successful Planting and Cultivating Cabe In Polybag

Chilli is one kind of plant that is currently widely used for seasoning. Commodity prices on the market also fluctuates. Especially when approaching the big days such as Eid, the chilli prices soared to 60-100 thousand / kg.

Therefore, many people are interested in planting chillies, either for sale or just for their own use. To plant a chili certainly needed the land for cultivation. Unfortunately when this in urban areas is not much available land that could be utilized. But it can be circumvented by planting chili in a plastic bag, or pot.

Seeding process Bibit Cabe

Step Raising Cabe

To plant chillies in pots or polybags is relatively easy to do. This plant can grow well in the highlands and lowlands. But good chili planted in the area at an altitude of 0-2000 meters above sea level. While a suitable temperature range 24-27oC, but still able to withstand a temperature below that. It depends also the type of chili planted.

One chili is most suitable to be planted in the yard of the house is kind of chilli and chilli curls. This type of chili is very suitable to be grown in tropical climates and spicy taste are also favored by many people. Here we provide a tutorial on how to plant chilli curls in a polybag.

Choosing Chilli Seeds

To get quality chilli would need to select the best seeds. Available in the market a lot of various kinds of peppers ranging from hybrid chillies to local varieties. For planting two kinds of peppers are relatively the same but specific hybrid chili is usually to get the maximum should be given certain drugs.

Many types of hybrid chilli was imported from Thailand and Taiwan, while for the type of local chilli grown in Kudus, Rembang to Tanah Karo, North Sumatra. Currently farmers prefer local chilli seeds that have been selected because of its productivity better than unselected.

In addition, from a technical point of how to cultivate local chili easier than hybrid chilli. Just in terms of the productivity of hybrid chilli superior to local chilli. For beginners who are just learning how to chili cultivation should use local chilli seeds.

Seeding process Bibit Cabe

To plant chilli in a polybag or pots should not be done right from the seed. The first process that must be done is to sow the seeds dilahan. It is for selecting chilli seeds, the seed can not grow well because of disabilities or illnesses are not planted.

In addition the process is intended to wait for chilli seeds to grow strong enough to be planted in a bigger place. To land a place to sow the seeds of chilli can be done in poly bags, pots, trays, nursery or create plots of land. For now we will discuss how the planting on the land plot.

The first step is to create a plot of land with size taste. Create a mixture of compost and soil and mix well. Granules land cultivated with and segembur as smooth as possible. The goal is that the roots can penetrate the soil with ease. Make a plot of land with a width of 5-10 cm, then create an array topped with a distance of 10 cm.

After the land is ready, the next step is to enter chilli seeds into the array with a distance of 7.5 cm. After that flush to wet the soil and cover lightly with soil or compost. When you are finished close the land that has been sprinkled seeds with damp burlap sack and leave 3 to day. Maintain a wet burlap sack remained until day 4 usually chilli seeds have started to appear on the surface of the ground, and then open the burlap sack.

When the chili seeds have started to grow, make the cover of transparent plastic to protect small chili seeds from rain and direct sun heat. One sign of the chili seedlings ready to be planted is already their 3-4 leaves and seeds have approximately 1 month old.