How Understanding the Various Types Land Deed In Thailand

Hold The Some Kind of Land Certificate In Thailand
Are you a foreigner married to a Thai national and plan to retire in Thailand? In this case, especially if you are contemplating to buy land and build a retirement home in Thailand this could be interesting.

To begin with I am obliged to give some warning!

Warning No. 1: All the land in Thailand is not having the same legal class!

Warning No. 2: I’m not a lawyer. This article is derived from my own research and offered as such.

I have been wary check the correctness of my investigation, but I can not be responsible for any consequences arising out of your use of that. Please make sure that you make your own inquiries

Warning No. 3: Things in Thailand on the occasion of changes in ways unexpected.

Just because the law says A, some people might consider it a B!

Significance Of Checking On Land Title Deeds in Thailand

You will be prompted to verify the title deeds before you agree to any land transactions in Thailand. Cases have been reported where some people understand they will actually fully own the land, but they only received possessory rights. others understand that they gain a certain amount of land, but they actually receive less size.Yet more people understand cut fill semarang that buying a home on their land, but the property was in the land of others.

Right Of Possession and ownership of land in Thailand

There are two completely separate rights that people can have a piece of land in accordance with the law in Thailand.

One of them is the right of ownership, which are the property use.

A person can have the right to use the land for any purpose although it does not really belong to them. However, rights that can hold more than a piece of land, such as ownership or right of use, depending on the type of title deed. It is thus very important that you can distinguish between the limitations of different types of certificates of land and what the actual type of title deed held by the land you are contemplating the purchase.

The Some Kind of Land Title Deeds In Thailand

1. Sor Kor 1
2. Por Bor Tor 6
3. Por Bor Tor 5
4. Sor Por Kor 4-01
5. Nor Sor Saam
6. Also Sor Saam Gor
7. Also Sor 4 Jor (Chanoht)

1. Sor Kor 1

Sor Kor 1 is the shape required to inform the State possessory claim to a plot of land.

It first appeared in December 1954 and is a tool of the state to confirm the claim on the ground with a major publishing Nor. Sor 3 or Nor. Sor. 3 Gor documentation (see below). There are plans to get rid of this title and improve all Sor Kor 1 land Nor Sor Saam. The shape recognize the right for the holder to occupy and farm land. land can not be removed, it can only be transferred to the direct heirs of the individual who owns it.

2. Por Bor Tor 6

This is a certification which is mandatory for all land to have that amount of tax can be issued and the taxes to be paid on the land use. No inference of title, ownership or possessory right to the land, it’s just been recorded as a tax.

3. Por Bor Tor 5

This farmland is not documented as having ownership by the appropriate land office. The executioner local village will be used as the sole official and he needs to know about who owns the land with the title possessory rights, and especially the land border. When discarded, the fund delivered with knowledge of the Sheriff. With the construction of the law is not allowed, but often property developments have emerged with full knowledge by local planning authorities.