Omissions Of Users So The Gap BBM Conceded

Account hacking cases FUEL. The old mode back to appear in this case are the famous people, account compromise to fool your friends that are in the contact list of victims.

Territory Channel Manager Kaspersky Indonesia Dony Koesmandarin explains, the case of hacking such messaging is more often caused by negligence of the user. He was judging, there are still people who aren’t too concerned with the security of the application. Whereas, application that contains important data. FB Lite App FREE


“Indeed more often because of the negligence of the user, and this becomes the easiest way to be compromised in Jakarta.

According to Dony, there are several possibilities the user account becomes the victim of hackers. First, it could be just the application used is fake already infiltrated malware (malicious software), such as spyware (spy software). Another possibility, the smartphone itself that has been infected with spyware.

“So, if the application used the original already, anyway there is still the possibility of compromised. For example, we will not know if the smartphone is already infected with spyware. Well from there, the abuser can track what is typed on the smartphone, including passwords, and later they can take over our account. Even our account could have been duplicated, “he explained.

Speaking of hacking accounts, security experts and communication Persadha Pratama Siber, earlier revealed that there are two kinds of mode of hacking done perpetrators. First, account takeover, which was then the account was abused by the hackers. Second, open the content of the message or data without knowing the truth.

One method that is widely used to take over your account is phishing. Phishing is derived from the word “fishing” which literally means fishing. The phishing method works by fishing the user (victim) to provide an email address and password or other information, via a fake login page.

When victims fill out the email and password in the login page, the perpetrators of cyber crime matter directly pocketed the user account. Therefore, the user not to advocate Pratama random clicking links in cyberspace.

“Never enter an email address, username, or password in any page, unless we are sure that the correct page URL,” said Retail some time ago.

Five Social Media Trends that will dominate the 2017

Social media is becoming something that most quickly turned and gave a great impact. Jimmy Rohampton, a contributor to Forbes, estimates there are five trends in social media that likely would dominate in 2017.

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What’s it? Here’s the list:

1. Send message

Messaging applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp Messenger, Viber, and WeChat has more users than any other big names such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

The millennial generation prefer SMS and over-the-top (OTT) messaging to communicate. As much as 62% of them are more loyal to brands that communicate via this manner.

It is estimated there will be 2 billion user messaging OTT in 2018. Why is this so?

People prefer the personal touch, openness and collaboration are given. Businesses are already making use of these social messaging platform, for example, on Facebook, simply click the ads and will be redirected to the brand message window.

2. Against the hoax news or hoax

Every day, the millennial generation to access news through the internet as their primary source rather than from television, radio, or newspaper. Therefore, they are at risk of exposure to hoax news aka hoax that circulated from various internet sites.

Social media like Facebook and Twitter is already taking steps to stem the hoax, accounts no longer can put up propaganda on the platform.

Technology literate generation, who mostly get their information from the internet, love the honesty so moved to re-examine the news they read. They want a more transparent by sharing media content reports.

3. authentic Content

YouTube came up with the concept of the video share real events and no strained. Social media is now expanding it by offering a real time video, such as a Periscope, offered Live, Facebook and Instagram.

The millennial generation like the video live and authentic content. The mass media often cite video broadcast live to spread the big event.

In the U.S., the millennial generation is an active audience than any other age group in 2016 and is likewise in 2017.

4. Augemented reality

Selfie feature of Snapchat bringing augmented reality to the world of social media. Pokemon GO, though it’s not social media, also be sensational in 2016.

It is estimated another social media platform will play with augmented reality in 2017.

Mark Zuckerberg confirm if Facebook had already experimented with augmented reality. Recently they have acquired the company , Masquerade filter for selfie and videos.

Augmented reality also gives an opportunity for the brand to communicate with consumers by sharing experiences, not just information in social media.

5. Chatbots

Chatbots is artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence (AI) that can make conversation with people. Facebook Messenger, and integrate it with the business world also use it to communicate with customers.

Chatbots improve customer service with quick response on comments and questions. Although still in the early stages, the chatbots proven can help content that relates to consumers and transaction.

Nowadays, people prefer customer service through social media than the telephone because it is considered more efficient and fast.

How to Cope with Gmail Email Account Could Not Be Opened

Do pal ever encountered this problem? Or even often? There might be several reasons that make why gmail could not be opened. Starting from the forgotten password emails, up to the problem – another problem that causes the account gmail could not be opened .

On I will discuss about how to how to cope with gmail which could not be opened . Maybe my friend is one of the people who had the misfortune like this. t sucks all, when we are in need gmail, gmail instead we could not be opened.
How to Cope with Gmail Email Account Could Not Be Opened
What causes gmail can not be opened?

Hasil gambar untuk cara mengatasi gangguan pada gmail


There are several factors that cause gmail buddy could not be opened, starting from connection problems, internal problems of gmail itself, and some other issues. Here are some detailed explanation of the cause of gmail could not be opened .
Connection problems .

The internet connection is my friend could also be the cause gmail could not be opened. The Gmail will be very difficult to open if the internet connection pal slow, because gmail would be very difficult to process cache email and password buddy entered during login, jadinnya email and password pal enter will be deemed vacant and the end – the end there will be a notification that the email or pal password entered is incorrect. Though my friend had put it very right.
The act of the ignorant .

It could be a smart person in hacking midwife or deface or something I myself do not know the term – a term like that. They may not like the buddy or buddies know that gmail is important example involves hackin facebook that allows them to conduct piracy by hijacking e-mail pal in advance. But it feels are rare or difficult, since gmail is one service from is no doubt in terms of safety.

Login in place or a different device .
This most often happens, and often experienced. If my friend had gmail login using your laptop or computer or other mobile buddy, pal later want logi same email using different mobile phones, will likely be hard pressed to login. This is due to the suspicious because the parties gmail gmail friend who is already logged on different devices. And consequently gmail could not be opened .

Password or email it is true – absolutely wrong .
It also can not be denied if my friend enter the wrong password or email, or could have been my friend did forget to email or password gmail pal. We recommend that in case the login on any site, written with careful – careful not to enter let alone forget. Because of the sensitive password, one character alone is considered wrong and can not login.
It was some of the causes of gmail which could not be opened. Read the cause of it – well, so that later my friend did not undergo this unfortunate fate.
Once you know the cause, how to cope with gmail could not be opened?

Once we all have to know what are the causes gmail could not be opened, we continue to step – a step to overcome it – it is.
Here are some possible ways to overcome gmail powerful that can not be opened.
Clear Cache .

As an explanation on the cause gmail could not be opened, it was explained that the cache is one of the causes can not be opened gmail. This is because the cache is highly accumulate. For example my friend had already logged in with a different email address, because the connection is slow, do not read gmail gmail login data newly buddy enter, but still keep the data logged gmail previous mate.

Make sure no other device logged in .
Make sure my friend does not log in on another device such as a laptop or computer as well as on other mobile phones. This will lead to suspicion by the google for gmail login buddy at two different places.
Use another browser .

Every internet browser certainly has advantages and disadvantages of each – each, if my friend wants to log in gmail with mozilla, chrome or operamini or the other and can not, buddy try to login with other browsers such as uc browser. It is also caused by the cache, because each browser has the ability to store different cache. And of course, if my friend login with other browsers could help my friend in overcoming gmail could not be opened .
Use the option “forgot password” .

Perhaps this is one thing that is not my friend realize. It could be my friend forgot the password email pal, and enter the correct password – completely wrong. Use selection forgot the password to get gmail password new pal.
How pal, if this article can help? If my friend still can not open gmail despite already doing way – way above, we recommend buddy contact Google, by clicking the options support on the login page gmail.

That is the information I can give if you have questions or just want to express their opinions in accordance with article on “How to Cope with Gmail Email Account Could Not Be Opened” is simply in the comments field. So much and thank you 🙂