Clown Simon


Mr. Simon, the Clown. Illustration: BADUT

Because of that, people just thought that Simon Pak did not have permanent employment. As usual, this morning Mr. Simon cycled toward the city. He stopped near the House of the mungilnya in the corner of the city. That’s where he hid his belongings.
Mr. Simon turns to the left and to the right, looking for the right time to get into the House. Hastily he opened the door, put his bike and then closed the door from the inside. Mr. Simon then stepped to the front of the old wooden cabinets have mirror was cracked. In front of the mirror he stands.


“I Am Simon! I am the clown town! But I don’t want people to know that Simon is a clown, “said Mr. Simon‘s heart with a smile. It has been five years he kept it a secret.
As usual, Mr. Simon and then open the closet it. He took the make-up equipment and clothing badutnya.


Mr. Simon started to preen until he was sure his face no longer recognizable as Simon. He is polishing her face with make-up, stick to the ORB of gum in her nose, and wears a wig cap and conical. He also wrapped the sponges in the stomach and thighs to look bloated. The last clown outfit he wears patterned round-round a variety ofcolors, and high heels.


Mr. Simon glass to ensure his appearance. After that he pocketed some small ballsand other equipment. He also grabbed the bicycle wheel. After locking the door, herides a unicycle it towards the crowd downtown.


The clown! Clown! “heard the cries of little kids cheer. Mr. Simon smiles. He startedthe attraction. Circling above the bike while melempar-lempar some balls with both hands.


People start merubungnya to watch. Mr. Simon also put a plastic bowl in front of those people. One after the other people to throw coins into the bowl. They willingly give their money. Mr. Simon attractions performances is indeed funny and adorable. The audience feel entertained.


Time continues to pass. Mr. Simon is still continuing its attractions. But suddenly his heart pounding when I saw a woman holding a small child.


The boy looked very amazed to notice gerak-geriknya. Ouch! My wife! Why is he here with: Upik? “ Mr. Simon anxious. He was worried his wife and children knew that during this time he worked as a clown. When his mind is being frantically, suddenly Pickpocket! Pickpocket! “heard the cry of the wife of Sir Simon. Mr. Simon knew very well that his wife‘s voice. Spontaneously he throws the ball he held toward the pickpocket that brings run his wife’s purse. It’s a shame not to hit the target.


Mr. Simon recoil of his bike and ran parts crowd stunned. Sir Simon back to throw his ball with a bang. This time it was right about the head of the pickpockets. He feltdizzy and then fell down. Mr. Simon ran in on him. Some people immediately hold on pickpockets. Mr. Simon soon took his wallet, and he bestowed on his wife.


“Thank you!” said Mrs. Simon with a smile. Mr. Simon just smiled, no brave talk. However, Mr. Simon canines that look toothless. BU Simon somewhat surprised but Sir Simon is not mempedulikannya. After greet Bu: Upik, Simon and he soon moved away to return beratraksi.


His teeth, toothless Father: Upik, Yes,” said Bu Simon on his son. He then invites: Upik home.
Finish the show, Mr. Simon grabbed a bowl containing the money. He then pedalingbicycle wheel them headed home mungilnya. As usual he soon washed their faces, clean make-up and changing. He returned wearing clothing such as he departed.


After calculating the money his acquisition, Mr. Simon soon pulled out his bike, lock the doors and pedaling a bicycle to go home. “I Am Simon! I am the clown town! “said Sir Simon‘s heart. Arriving at home, Bu: Upik Simon and greet him.


“Sir! Last I kecopetan in the city. That time I was stopped by a clown with: Upik. The clown that’s who helped arrest pickpockets, “Mr. Simon smiled to hear the story of his wife.
“You know with that clown, mom?” asked Mr. Simon.
“Is not! I remembered that toothless clown teeth, like a father. “
Iya. Badutnya as toothless, “said Father: Upik. Mr. Simon laughed.
“I am a clown that I am the clown, Bu. it, son! I Am Simon! I am the clown town! “said Sir Simon. But only in the liver. Dunno until when Mr. Simon was able to keep a secret of it.