Your printer needs a reset.

You have your printer, innocent where you see it, or not display, contains internal messages that can appear, as when one is constipa, at the worst time. Is when he has to follow a healing procedure, as it is not very different with someone, although if infinitely faster, solve a problem regarding the recognition of cartridges, copier toner or drum of your impresora.res-1

We want to know the messages that your printer can give you, not to scare you but to be aware that if ever jumps a message such as those below we relate, it has solution and can be simpler than first may believe.


Such messages usually appear above all to replace consumables, whether original, compatible or remanufactured, so don’t worry if after spending such amount of money your printer does not recognize the cartridge. How to install printer driver they may appear at the end of a few impressions, it would be rare that after you install a cartridge and stay calm that everything works and prints correctly, appears the dreaded message ‘not there is TONER”,”Not be recognizes the TONER”or”Replace the cartridge”or one similar.

The importance of a reset

It is important that before a warning message you know how to react, because sometimes we can believe that the consumable is defective or that your printer will no longer work, so does not, in most cases, solve a problem such as not recognizing toner can take you no more than 30 seconds.

What we mean by printer reset

Unfortunately there are no resets (processes so your printer again to recognize or can continue to use their consumables) for all printers, only for some. But before proceeding, concentrate a little more kind of problems lead to a warning, and here as we begin to talk about printers Brother using toners, which are more warnings can be given but does not mean problems, since messages can be resolved more easily which other brand.

RES-2This can happen why own toner or drum gears are in a position as if a consumable dead were, or almost, whether it is a factory error or why to install it in the printer has made a wrong turn. Solution? Back to top these gears, later explained as.
To understand this easy, to the reset the consumable may seem is returning to zero on pages counter, but in this case what we are doing is zeroing the warnings or errors.

Is reset not update?

One of the common problems when using compatible cartridges are automatic updates. Through updates without realizing our printer brand launches a patch, which in many cases makes us not to use the compatible, this is not solved with a simple reset, but return to an earlier version of the firmware of your printer.

To know which you can look at it on your own printer or from your computer, within the parameters of the printer and download an earlier version. Best of all is that when installing printer uncheck the checkbox to automatically update, we will thus prevent that the joyous message “replace cartridges” us appears in half of a work.

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