Know the Water Infusion or Infused Water and Benefits for Health

Infused water or spa water or in Indonesian called water infusion center became the new health trend both overseas and has now spread to Indonesia. Abroad, Infused water oregon popularized by US blogger named Amy Pogue. He himself admitted that he was inspired by his mother since childhood always gave him water with a slice of lemon in it.

water infusion - infused water

Infused water is water that has been given additional potingan fruit or herbs that give the sensation of certain water taste and health benefits. Technically, infused water is made by inserting a slice of fruit into the water, then allowed to stand several hours until the juice out and the water will change the taste.

The advantages of water infusions or infused water are:

– Materials are easily obtained

– How to make it easy to do by anyone

– Fruit or herb contains nutrients and minerals that are good for health

– Help us to consume more water and help those who do not like fruit make it more like a fruit.

– Can create many kinds of flavors, aromas according desired

– Assisting the process of detoxification (removing toxins) body

– Helps control weight

Make infused water can use half a liter of water and one in which the fruit is used try that taste sour (acid) or neutral for the sweet taste tends to lead to boredom if taken in large quantities. Some fruits that can be used for water infusions are grapes, apples, star fruit, dragon fruit, lemon, kiwi, lemon, pineapple, mango, cucumber, lemon / orange.

Infused water in principle does not only contain slices of fruit but also can be included herbs or spices such as ginger, cinnamon, Daunt mint, basil, lemongrass and others.

How to Make Water Infusion

– The requirement is the fruit must be fresh and ripe optimal. Do not raw fruits because many nutrients are not yet fully formed during immature.

– Wash fruits / herbs before in slices.

– In a half-liter can be filled with a thin piece of fruit 10-15. Then store in the refrigerator and let stand for 6-12 hours in order to extract the starch out.

– The water ready for consumption. It is advisable to consume water before eating nourished infusion can be directly absorbed by the body.

It is important to remember that the fruit has been used for the infused water can be used again. So the maximum is two times of use. If stored in a refrigerator, infused water can last up to 2-5 days.

To keep it healthy and fit, we actually do not need to cost a fortune. One way is by changing lifestyle through healthy drinking patterns through infused water for drinking sufficient to provide nutrients and minerals that are good to improve health and durability of various diseases.

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