How to how to dress properly for your needs

How to how to dress properly for your needsThere is a dress code
Always read carefully the invitations. We’ve all been victims of this. Entering a code ‘black tie’ prom dresses in a casual way is not funny. You want to enter to the party and the guests return to look at where you are. People should look at and say ‘wow!’, not ‘whooops!’.


Black tie
At night you‘ll turn into a butterfly. It is the time for dream and fantasees who want to be. Use strong colours, beautiful jewelry, an outfit that is made to notice. When there is a code of black tie, men must wear Tuxedo or ‘tuxedo’ and women long dress or cocktail dress. Be creative when using a dress and are for very special occasions, look you!


Cocktail dress
It means short dress. Fun, out of your wardrobe this beautiful short dress, heels and your favorite jewelry. You can use giant rings for this occasion.


Casual dress
It means pants but ‘never’ jeans. You can use elegant blouses, but do not go to a t-shirt.


It means that you can use anything. Make an effort to see you well, since you’ve been ‘especially’ invited to a meeting. It looks spectacular.


How to dress on a plane
Don’t get sweatshirt. So be a face sweatshirt. If there is a competition between a woman dressed in a sack of cashemere and one with a sweatshirt… believe me that win which is using cashemere. The way that you present to the world is important. If the best lights, just as you will be treated.


If it‘s a very long trip, change your clothes ‘but’ in aircraft; then, when you land or you are in transit, dress better. Take with you a good jacket, a scarf and a pair of glasses (which you can use during the whole flight if you do not want to put on your makeup). As for shoes, use planes or ‘flats’. This is one of the few times where you should not use high heel.


How to dress for the first appointment
It should be a mystery in the best sense of the word. Reveal ‘a little bit’ is better than show all. Think of the fabrics that you use and not show too much skin. Silk, cashemere, soft fabrics, they work. It is the time to use your favorite set of underwear (for you, not for him) because although the output is a fiasco, you will at least feel comfortable and happy with yourself. Quiet, don’t worry when silence get to the moment.


How to dress to meet the parents of your boyfriend, your future in-laws
There is no eagerness, just remember that your boyfriend‘s mother ‘never’ forget what you used the first time you met. Don’t ask you your partner, he knows nothing, surely you will say: ‘ I am sure that anything that you will look amazing. My mother is going to worship ‘, (HA HA). All we know that his mother will come full of prejudices and doubts.


This is the perfect time to let your skirts and underwear in the closet and look conservative:
Skirts knee YES NO miniskirts
Jeans loose Jeans if not adjusted
Sacks Yes blouses with NO cleavage


Don’t make the mistake of completely change your style just to impress them. You must show them who you are. Only that you don’t have to show you ‘all’. Uses classic clothes, showing not too, but make sure that your portfolio or watch or accessories reveal a bit of style.


How to dress for a wedding
First of all, avoids being the bridesmaid. If you take a look at it, immediately answers the question: what to wear? But at a high price. Second, do not use white or beige, you could remove protagonism to the bride and I do not think that she or her mother are very happy for this. Carefully read the invitation. If it is a marriage of a night on the town, wear black tie, i.e. long dress. If it is daytime, in hot weather or the beach, use a short summer dress. If it is in the evening in a club, use top with skirt or elegant pants or shirt. Accessories and a shawl.


How to dress for a summer weekend
In warm weather weekends are to let your hair loose and natural. Jeans and t-shirts are key for this occasion. Dresses long or ┬┤maxi-dresses’ in Greek style Sandals look very well. It’s time to wear a hat (you‘ll see incredible and you also protect from the Sun), your favorite glasses and large necklaces, maxi-bracelets. Instead of underwear, only on this occasion, you can use bath gown.
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