How to dress the rock musician

How to dress the rock musicianRocker style is very easy to achieve, for both boys and girls. It seeks to combine elements of rebellion and transgression to create a very particular style. Each group has their preferences, but there are certain items that are always repeated. At we teach you some steps that you discover how to dress a rockero style.




Black leather jacket. A must to get the rocker style. Both the simplest and the most elaborate with zippers and pockets. They tend to be narrow and snug, in the case of the guys tend to take them a little more loose.


T-shirts. Wide or narrow, they tend to combine few colors and they are usually black and white. Dominates the white t-shirts that contrast with the black jacket, while striped shirts are always the time. Prints names of bands, provocative drawings or a slogan are common. You can also see the flag of the United States or the United Kingdom, as a symbol of rock’s most influential countries. Now girls the trend usually wearing t-shirts and wide shoulder straps.


Pants. Tight skinny. Black or red. They may be broken, but lately the rock look is more carefully and both girls and boys wear them without breakage in the knees. The jeans that are used are also something that you should have in your closet for this look.




Checked shirts, for both boys and girls. Ideal to carry open up t-shirt, a little style Kurt Cobain. The color equal, but often have pictures black, or a tone that won’t break with the style.




Leopard prints. They are very important in your lookjual sepatu converse hitam Any plug-in or piece of clothing. You can have jackets, bags, shoes.


Footwear. The rockers they normally have in their closet sneakers converse black, but any boot style black Dr. Martens that combines with your skinny will also serve. For the girls, if you prefer heels, are usually wearing shoes or very simple, black or red.


Dresses. For the girls dresses of this style are usually black and tight. On the other hand, are short dresses, but you can not follow a fixed therein, trend depends on the style of each.


Tights. For your dresses or shorts. The rock stockings tend to be patterned, lines, grid or torn.


Tacks. Almost all garments may be tacks, rockers often decorate their Blazers themselves with them, but many items already have them by default.


Hats. Kids rockers can take shortbrimmed hats, discrete combined with black Americans.


Informal costume. Lately within male rockers sector there has been a trend towards the costume. They dress in a casual shirt and tie, to join the suit, but never anything too formal. They are obviously betting on black.


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