Benefits and Dangers Daydreaming


Benefits Daydreaming

1. Daydreaming at once introspection. Back to the past through reverie gives us an idea of what we have experienced in the past. Among these we will remember the old errors and other embarrassing things that we regret. With regret we remember and tantamount to motivate ourselves to be more alert and more careful to not make that mistake back.

2. Daydreaming giving spirit. Imagining the past where we still do not have anything and now has changed so much in terms of wealth, employment, etc. The course gives us the motivation that if I was like ‘this’ then I could be like ‘this’. So we can keep optimism about what we’re trying to do.

3. Daydreaming give you an idea. When we are depressed or troubled, our minds will be blank. We will become saturated, can not think freely and not freely issuing expression. If you experience such a thing, Daydream. Daydreaming, we will take a load off the mind gradually so from the original tension will gradually become lighter and refreshed.

Danger Daydreaming

1. Our minds become old-fashioned. Is not recommended when we are daydreaming. You see, we will feel like living in two worlds, the world now and the world of the past. Until the end we will often feel confused myself with our circumstances. If the past is not so important that we always daydreaming, of course it is not wise for you. The world’s growing so fast and just spend time effective if we always look back especially for things that can not be make again.

2. Daydreaming make lazy. When people absorbed in reverie, it will make it lazy. Think about anything merely in the mind only. Daydreaming it makes us lazy proceed and tried, too many considerations in mind that our lives will be there-there. No effort and progress.

3. Thought so petty, that if things daydreaming is obscenity and smelled of anxiety. No positive thoughts, there was this-that’s all in the mind and never-ending. When this habit then he will be a person with a personality that is not useful because there is no contribution that is good for him, let alone for others.

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