Tips to Make Interesting Vlog


1. The concept is important

The earliest thing you should do and think is determining the concept of your vlog, loopers. Decide what topic you want to discuss later in the vlog. Let’s not discuss the topic is too grandiose, you still suggested a topic that you like and understand really. Can be a comedy, reviews, tutorials, or random tips so. For example ya ya you like photography and quite good at, you can provide basic tips how to take good photographs.

2. Technical Issues

If already know the concept of what would you talk, it’s time to prepare the tools to record your video. You can use your DLSR cameras, camcorders, disposable cameras or your smartphone. Do not forget the tripod and gentlemen yes, loopers. Determine also the location for noise-free video recording.

3.Its time to record

Well this is the core of what ya vlogging. Record a video. There are several things you should consider when recording video, loopers. The first is mastered a topic that you have created. Keep on the second, practice for speaking clear and expressive, then note your body language.

4. Editing

If the recording is finished, the next step you have to do is editing. Edit specify the duration of the video you want to publish and stacking scene so unsightly. You can use a video editing application that is in your laptop such as Windows Movie Maker or other free video editing application such as Lightworks and VideoSpin.

5. Upload and Share

If the video you’ve finished editing, now you’ve prepared for upload and distribute your video, loopers. When you upload your video, also accompanied by a short description of the video. Make your video prospective curious onlookers alike. Oh yes Loopers, do not even say if it is your first video yes. Try to upload videos regularly let people always find new videos when turning to a channel-mu.

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