How Successful Planting and Cultivating Cabe In Polybag

Chilli is one kind of plant that is currently widely used for seasoning. Commodity prices on the market also fluctuates. Especially when approaching the big days such as Eid, the chilli prices soared to 60-100 thousand / kg.

Therefore, many people are interested in planting chillies, either for sale or just for their own use. To plant a chili certainly needed the land for cultivation. Unfortunately when this in urban areas is not much available land that could be utilized. But it can be circumvented by planting chili in a plastic bag, or pot.

Seeding process Bibit Cabe

Step Raising Cabe

To plant chillies in pots or polybags is relatively easy to do. This plant can grow well in the highlands and lowlands. But good chili planted in the area at an altitude of 0-2000 meters above sea level. While a suitable temperature range 24-27oC, but still able to withstand a temperature below that. It depends also the type of chili planted.

One chili is most suitable to be planted in the yard of the house is kind of chilli and chilli curls. This type of chili is very suitable to be grown in tropical climates and spicy taste are also favored by many people. Here we provide a tutorial on how to plant chilli curls in a polybag.

Choosing Chilli Seeds

To get quality chilli would need to select the best seeds. Available in the market a lot of various kinds of peppers ranging from hybrid chillies to local varieties. For planting two kinds of peppers are relatively the same but specific hybrid chili is usually to get the maximum should be given certain drugs.

Many types of hybrid chilli was imported from Thailand and Taiwan, while for the type of local chilli grown in Kudus, Rembang to Tanah Karo, North Sumatra. Currently farmers prefer local chilli seeds that have been selected because of its productivity better than unselected.

In addition, from a technical point of how to cultivate local chili easier than hybrid chilli. Just in terms of the productivity of hybrid chilli superior to local chilli. For beginners who are just learning how to chili cultivation should use local chilli seeds.

Seeding process Bibit Cabe

To plant chilli in a polybag or pots should not be done right from the seed. The first process that must be done is to sow the seeds dilahan. It is for selecting chilli seeds, the seed can not grow well because of disabilities or illnesses are not planted.

In addition the process is intended to wait for chilli seeds to grow strong enough to be planted in a bigger place. To land a place to sow the seeds of chilli can be done in poly bags, pots, trays, nursery or create plots of land. For now we will discuss how the planting on the land plot.

The first step is to create a plot of land with size taste. Create a mixture of compost and soil and mix well. Granules land cultivated with and segembur as smooth as possible. The goal is that the roots can penetrate the soil with ease. Make a plot of land with a width of 5-10 cm, then create an array topped with a distance of 10 cm.

After the land is ready, the next step is to enter chilli seeds into the array with a distance of 7.5 cm. After that flush to wet the soil and cover lightly with soil or compost. When you are finished close the land that has been sprinkled seeds with damp burlap sack and leave 3 to day. Maintain a wet burlap sack remained until day 4 usually chilli seeds have started to appear on the surface of the ground, and then open the burlap sack.

When the chili seeds have started to grow, make the cover of transparent plastic to protect small chili seeds from rain and direct sun heat. One sign of the chili seedlings ready to be planted is already their 3-4 leaves and seeds have approximately 1 month old.

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