Creative Ideas to Make Crafts of Used Goods Cartons

Make handicrafts from old boxes you can do to get rid of boredom in his spare time. In addition you can make the boxes of the use value. Lots of old cardboard around us that are not used and you can use.

The problem is how to utilize the used boxes so as not to accumulate in the house. Sometimes we wanted to get rid of all those old cardboard, but was afraid that if you later need while if kept at home as well so used goods piling up and confused about what to wear what. Karton

Miniature Houses for Playing Cats


With handicrafts from the boxes the former we can save our shopping and more importantly you will get a certain satisfaction when successfully completing. Rework cardboard used can also be one to support the environmental movement.

With a few simple design and also a little creativity you can change the used cardboard boxes into a work that has the power to.

Crafts from Cardboard Used Goods

if you have a lot of old cardboard that are not used, you can sell to earn money.

But there is a better way to utilize old cardboard that is by making it a craft. Many works that you can make from old cardboard materials that are not used anymore. Here are some examples of crafts that you can make from the materials used cardboard.

iPad Stand from Used Cardboard

IPad buffer of Cardboard Used
IPad Stand design of cardboard used is the work of Alessandro Garlandini to Comieco, a company from Italy that focus on recycling of waste paper.

With simple tools and creativity to make the design, this stand of old cardboard can be an alternative to recycle used cardboard. In addition to making crafts such as this could be a hobby and fill your spare time. To design tamplate stand iPad you can get one for free here

iPhone Desk Stand of Cardboard Used
Maybe you often buy various iPhone accessories in the sale of accessories, but do you know if these accessories you can make an easy manner.

To make iPhone accessories stand you need is a cardboard used. To design as well as steps to make the iPhone stand you can read the tutorial on how to make the article iPhone Desk stand of Cardboard Used .

Make Home Playing Cat of Cardboard Used

If you have cats, you can make a miniature house as he plays. Taking advantage of simple cardboard containers and equipment you can make it home to play for a cat in a simple way. If you can not make it, you can read my article on how to create crafts from scrap cardboard

Membuat Makedo Giant Wind Ball

Giant ball that rotates to follow the wind direction is terisnpirasi by design Makedo Satoshi Tanaka. Makedo are children’s toys made from cardboard carton. Satoshi tanaka famous for its beautiful designs that he created as well as simple and visually appealing. You can learn how to manufacture this handicraft here

How to Make a Christmas tree out of cardboard Used

Christmas tree not only be made using spruce, but also can use the cardboard used. Martha Stewart makes the design unique Christmas tree made of cardboard. Christmas tree is made using colorful cardboard that we often encounter. Follow the steps in the article of manufacture Christmas tree

Bird Houses of Cardboard Used

Creative people who make bird houses from cardboard, this is Jesse Harrington with the help of software Computer-Aided Design (CAD) 123D. To make this craft does require special skills. If you want to make this craft Jesse Harrington has made steps to create a video design and manufacturing process .

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Unique Learning Lamp of Cardboard Used

Jesse Harrington may indeed an expert in creating unique designs of cardboard used. After creating a unique bird houses, this time he made another craft a lamp a unique learning. Methods used as well as steps to make this craft you can see here

Laptop Stand from Used Cardboard

One of the advantages of carton is easily formed and has a strong resistance. By forming the specific patterns and then merge into one to form a laptop stand a result of the work of your own. to make you able to follow the steps of manufacture here

Make a rack of Cardboard Used

By making use of cardboard used as funiture like this rack, you’ll be able to save expenses. In addition you will also get a certain satisfaction for having made a unique masterpiece. If you are interested and want to make this handicraft, please follow the guidelines here

Make piggy bank from the former Cartons

Crafts from scrap cardboard latter is a piggy bank. If you are already adept at making crafts you can sell it and keep the money in this piggy bank, hehehe. With the design and the addition of color will make it more attractive piggy bank. If you want to make it you can see the guide here

By having a passion for creation of simple things that will make your life more colorful. A handicraft is not measured by the good or bad of the work produced, but rather the satisfaction and enthusiasm for channeling creativity.

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