Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables for Kids


There are many benefits of fruits and vegetables for children, including improved nutrition, reduce the risk of obesity, as well as improving learning outcomes in schools. However, many children are not getting enough servings of fruits and vegetables every day.

1. Improved nutrition
The child’s body requires good nutrition can they get from vegetables and fruits contain many vitamins, minerals and other benefits. Sour fruits such as strawberries are rich in vitamin C to boost the immune system, carrots are rich in vitamin A, and spinach are good sources of iron to prevent anemia. Apple contains 16 kinds of polyphenols that work as antioxidants that are good for health. Eating colorful fruits and vegetables can provide a variety of nutrients that keep your baby healthy

2. Reduce Obesity
Fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber filling, yet low in fat and calories. Encourage your child to choose fruits and vegetables instead of snacks that contain lots of sugar or food “junk food”, so that your child will be protected from obesity. Children who are overweight have an increased risk of type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, respiratory problems, and depression.

3. The improved academic performance
Children who have a healthy diet, which consume a lot of fruits and vegetables, have better results in their academic tests than children who consume fewer fruits and vegetables. Children who used to consume a healthy menu to have the possibility of 41% less likely to have difficulty in reading, compared to other children. There are several factors that affect the academic performance of children, however, nutrition is the most important factor affecting the performance of school children for the better.

Tips to add more fruits and vegetables in your child’s menu

Fruits and vegetables taste good and are full of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. To stay healthy and fit, your child needs a balanced diet incorporating fruits and vegetables every day.

Fruits and vegetables of different colors have different benefits as well. Try all kinds of vegetables and fruits with different colors as possible.

Many interesting way to make meals rich in vegetables and fruits are delicious. Fruits and vegetables can be served raw, baked, shredded or diced. Fruits and vegetables can also be an extra in your cooking menu.

Put pieces of banana or strawberries to cereals
Add a piece of fruit to yogurt
Make smoothies with frozen fruit
Bring fruit that has been cut as the provision of child
Try veggie kebab menu for dinner child
Add the chopped mushrooms and capsicum on a pizza topping
Eating fruits instantly better than the fruit is juiced, because sometimes fruit juices contain up to 6 teaspoons of added sugar and no fiber either.

Fresh fruit is good, but canned fruit is low in salt, dried fruit, and fruit or frozen vegetables can also make alternative. Better to choose fruits and vegetables are packed with water or natural juice compared to which you have added sugar or salt.

Dried fruits such as apricots, apples, and dried apples are still rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. But they also contain a lot of sugar and can cause tooth decay, because usually dried fruit is often sticky and sticking to the teeth of children. If you give your child fruit dry, give them in small portions, and make sure they drink a glass of water afterwards.

How many portions?

One serving of fruit equals one medium-size fruit, two pieces of small size, or one cup of fruit that has been cut.

One serving of vegetables equals one medium-sized potato bauh, half a cup of cooked vegetables or one cup of fruit salad.

How to Eliminate Mosquito Bites Former Red Spots On Skin

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Often we feel irritated and annoyed when mosquitoes bite, in addition to causing itching, mosquito bites also cause scars on the skin. And usually this will Berbah former reddish color which makes us less confident, especially if the bite marks found on the face, hands or feet.

Perhaps you have attempted to purchase a mosquito repellent, ranging from electronic device to a lotion that does not bite mosquitoes, but unfortunately these methods have not been effective enough to repel mosquitoes and eliminate the bite marks.

How To Remove Red Spots Former Mosquito Bites

To overcome these ways, we have prepared a review on how to eliminate mosquito bites red welts on the skin. The ways that we have prepared the following very easy, simple and requires no special medicines.

How to Eliminate Former Mosquito Bites

With natural ingredients, you can eliminate mosquito bites. And with it, based on a quote from, see information on how to eliminate mosquito bites red patches on the skin with natural ingredients below.

apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar appeared to have functionality to overcome the mosquito bite on the skin tablets. Want to know how? Well when you bite of mosquitoes and feel itchy bumps on the skin and then, you can immediately apply the apple vinegar to taste, in addition to easy, apple vinegar proved to have benefits to address skin irritation and skin redness overcome by mosquitoes.


For you who used to make tea from tea bags, tea bags do not waste yaa. Because the tea bag containing tea waste is beneficial to overcome the redness caused by mosquito bites. When you feel the itch caused by mosquito bites or scars are redness on the skin, usapkanlah tea bag on your skin. Keep the tea bag still in the warm. With this simple way, bumps and black skin caused by mosquito bites can be lost. Moreover, tea compounds including polyphenols and anti-oxidants substances is extremely beneficial for skin health.

Aloe vera

For those who frequently use aloe vera in beauty care, you also need to learn that aloe vera can eliminate the effects of itching caused by mosquito bites, bumps caused by mosquito bites and skin redness caused by mosquito bites. Moreover, the content of aloe vera along with this cool sensation that can make your skin more healthy. Enough to apply aloe vera gel on the skin at the bite of mosquitoes then let stand briefly after the wash. The natural way is actually more effective and healthy to cope with skin itching and redness caused by mosquito bites.


In addition to some natural plants, as mentioned above, you can also take advantage of natural honey to remove redness caused by mosquito bites. We know that honey contains a lot of benefits to health and beauty as well, use honey when applied to the body bitten. Let sit until the itching and redness disappear into recovery.


As for how to remove red spots on the skin mosquito bites is to use bengkoang. In this way be the way to overcome the redness caused by mosquito bites. So if you have itchy skin and bumps, immediately to smooth bengkoang’s then placed on the skin. Allow a few moments until the itching and redness disappear.

So if you experience itching, skin bumps and redness, immediately use some natural ingredients above. You can do a few tries to remove red mosquito bite on the skin such as the above review, may be itchy and reddish skin problems can be lost instantly.

Technological Developments In The World Of Music DJ And Education


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Previously we have discussed about the tools to play music for DJs, no such thing turntable and CDJ, all of these tools is a tool tool that can not escape from the development of technology, all growing rapidly and the number of features that further simplify

the wearer to explore styles and techniques in playing electronic music.

Well, for it could be such a sophisticated technology, science and college there.

same for you who are interested in the development of technology, you can go to college and take courses Study

whose name ENGINEERING Mechatronics, what is Mechatronics? Mechatronics is a technology engine electronics and informatics, we also often look around us and use mechatronic items such as printers, robots, digital cameras, cars and so forth INCLUDING CDJ and TURTABLE to play the music used by the DJ.

History Mechatronics, Mechatronics derived from three types of words are mechanics, electronics, informatik.sejarah word Mechatronics was first introduced in 1969 by a company in Japan called YASKAWA ELECTRIC COOPERATION.

Many goods that we use daily are adopting science Mechatronics, it all proves the importance of mechatronics in human life. for you who are interested in studying mechatronics after graduating from senior high school, you can enroll yourself in one of the international campus is located in The Breeze BSD, the name of the campus is the International University Liaison Indonesia or the Head Iuli, please click the links for the interested.

So, getting here DJ highly required to have the technical ability of qualified, because it is not impossible the next 10 years the technology will grow rapidly and the more developed the science of mechatronics as the base, in addition to the ability of a good technique, which can help a career in the world of DJ is a masterpiece.

Creative Ways to Wear Your Pins & Brooches

 However, these days women are stepping it up on the style meter and moving their pins to the shoulder area of their jackets, blazers and even sweaters. A solid color turtleneck goes from warm to ‘wow’ with the addition bros jilbab of a simple pin. You can choose a sterling silver and cubic zirconia design for a style that looks as though you’ve adorned.

modern jewelry trends have suggested new and creative ways for getting the most out of your collection. With a little knowhow and the proper placement, you can use a single pin to dress up any outfit, add some new life to your accessories or just enjoy your jewelry in a whole new way.

Whether you’re spending some time at the beach and want to add a fun pin that features a dolphin, seashell, palm tree or other symbol that’s reminiscent of a day at the shore or you want to dress up a hat for an afternoon of shopping with your girlfriends, the choice is yours..

accessorize and a lot of women prefer the sleek styling of a solid color design. But, what if you wake up one morning and your simple black purse looks just that – simple? Perhaps you want to dress it up or add a little sparkle to your day, which you can do by adding a pin to the handbag itself or by placing it where the strap

Why should you choose fish oil supplements

There were no serious side effects reported in increased or prolonged intake of fish or fish oil supplements.

There are some mild adverse reactions that have reported from time to time. Nausea, diarrhea and flatulence are common reactions, as well as experiencing a “fishy” burp. But Mayo Clinic has several recommendations to avoid this reaction, including swallowing the pill while frozen, which slows down digestion in the stomach. Other tips include taking the pill at the start of a meal as other foods “traps” the fish oil in the stomach and acts as a buffer, switch brands or using an odorless tablet.


Other possible adverse reactions documented include halitosis, fishy smell of breath, skin and urine and Social nosebleeds due to the anti-clotting agent of omega 3. Pregnant women are advised to first consult with their vitamin anak penambah nafsu makan dan berat badan Physican before starting fish oil supplements if there are complications with Vitamin A found in fish oil can be. An increased level of vitamin E intake is also recommended because the metabolism of fish oil use large amounts of the vitamin, which is a powerful antioxidant. Some pharmaceutical grade supplements add already balancing in Vitamin E with fish oil from this issue.

Although this is not a side effect, it should be noted that it takes time for an increase in omega-3 to reach the goal of reducing inflammation in the joint. Most of these studies did not have a great result for at least three months.

Why should you choose fish oil supplements

Surgery options for rheumatoid arthritis patients include joint replacement, tendon reconstruction and a procedure to remove the inflamed lining. There are also medications that can relieve or reduce inflammation pain. But it can be very expensive and comes with an extensive side effects, such as chronic infections such as tuberculosis, as well as discuss other before.

It comes as no surprise that patients always looking for a better alternative. Pharmaceutical Grade fish oil supplements can be alternative. They are cheaper, almost no side effects and provides most of the same benefits over a period of time. They can search online or purchased at just about any store that sells supplements.

Fish oil supplements

The October 2006 edition of the Journal of Rheumatology reported on a study that found 75 percent of patients using fish oil were able to increase the amount of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs they after a period of three years reduced. Forgiveness of the disease have occurred in 72 percent of patients taking the fish oil.

fishoilFish oil supplements

It seems that there is a benefit for rheumatoid arthritis patients increase their intake of omega-3 fatty acids are absorbed by fish oils, especially omega-6 fatty acids by vegetable oils can be reduced.

Of course, a healthy diet is important for everyone, not just those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, and eating fish can be a part of that healthy diet. But to achieve the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids on the levels seen in some of the studies above, you will eat a good amount of fish on a regular basis.

Remember, the Eskimos and Inuit who rarely experienced heart disease or cancer eating into their populations mainly marine mammals as part of their diet. Some people just do not do as much as Eskimos care for the taste of the fish.

The highest concentrations of omega-3 can be found in mackerel, salmon, tuna, Bluefish, sturgeon, anchovies, herring, trout, sardines and mullet. However, since this type of fish is higher on the food chain, often eat other smaller fish (that’s why they increased amounts of omega-3 because they absorb their own and that of the fish they eat), they can contain higher doses of some toxic pollutants, such as mercury, dioxins and PCBs.

Pharmaceutical grade fish oil supplements, but allow companies to provide the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil while eliminating the possibility of also take toxic pollution. Also, the dose is regulated so that the patient knows how much they take. Tablets can come in gel form and taking 1-2 tablets per day to provide the benefits sought, but it can also be found in liquid form.

How Much Fish Oil Should I Take For Optimum Health?

Some of us blindly swallow capsule to the capsule without thinking whether it is the right amount. Although never an exact science, there is a little line out there.


In deciding Manfaat Minyak Ikan Salmon Bagi Bayi how much fish oil I had to have an informal look at the fine print on the bottle and try to get the information, which is not always easy to decipher.

First, just to repeat, fatty acids like omega-3 are good fats that are needed for many different functions in the body. Many of them are essential, which means that the body needs them, but they can not so they must be obtained from our diet or as a supplement.

With labeling now come under even more stringent government control is often understandable that some makers will exhaust such information as the recommended daily allowance or RDA. Or, may have not been established that often happens.

What remains the question of how much fish oil I have largely unanswered. My own research has found that the figure to aim for closer to 1000mg / day, to ensure optimal immune system and brain functioning. Some surveys indicate at least get 500mg / day can help maintain a healthy heart.

One additional point to make here is that these essential fatty acids have a number of different names and abbreviations. The best of the bunch is two, known as DHA and EPA, and we need to pay attention to how much of a combined dose is present in every fish oil capsule. These two have been shown to possess more of the stated health benefits and it is amazing how many brands miss them altogether.

In pursuit of achieving an improvement of our physical health, you should also consider one or two equally important factors in dose as usual the quality and purity of fish oils. This and much more is explained on my website that my findings about what a truly safe and effective supplement.

How Does Fish Oil Help With Anxiety?

We know that these natural oils a series can provide important health benefits, but fish oil help with anxiety as well? The answers might surprise you.


The short answer Manfaat Minyak Ikan Salmon Alaska is yes helping to relieve symptoms in most cases!

So how does fish oil help with anxiety?

Scientists believe that part of the reason is that they keep the neural pathways clear of any slides that send up the signals capable of faster and with greater clarity. When the signals are not clear, it can lead to anxiety as the brain tries to decipher them.

The brain is also ensuring composed of a high proportion of DHA fats that are present in the best fish oils and essential for the correct functioning and proper mental health. They can not be made by the body and it is estimated that more than 90% of the population is poor them!

Quality fish oils are important for the prevention and treatment of many neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s studies show a significant decrease in symptoms.

In a Finnish study, volunteers taking a daily oil for six months found that less anxiety and depression and a significant reduction in suicidal than those taking a placebo did not.

It is clear that with the reduction of the symptoms of anxiety can omega-3 fish oils help to protect your heart, lower blood pressure and help prevent cancer.

The only important thing to get right is to ensure that you make the best oil, because there are many poor quality ones around today.

As you can see, the maximum help with anxiety, you need a high concentration of the important DHA omega-3 fats. Watch get at least 250mg in each 1000mg capsule or soft gel. You should be aware that most of the other more less advantageous one called EPA will contain.

EPA used because it is cheaper and easier to produce and you should be able to see the individual levels on the label or on the company’s website.

You also want the oil to be as pure as possible so check the oil is molecularly distilled to remove all the toxins. Some fish like the Hoki from New Zealand is so pure that they need to be distilled and is also very high in DHA course.

It is good to know with the right oil can help to reduce the symptoms of anxiety and protect your overall health as well.

If you want to learn more about the high quality DHA omega 3 supplements I personally visit to my website.

Do You Know How Beneficial Fish Oil For Children Is?

If you are a parent, it’s some information that is extremely important to you. This article will give you information about the benefits of fish oil for children, how it can help to get your child to the challenges in the world while you enjoy great health. So, read on.


I’m sure like most children; Your child will also be busy with academics, sports and many other outdoor activities. Now, while you have to encourage and support her all, there is something else you can offer her. And that’s the wonderful benefits offered by fish oil for children. Here they are:

– Our human brain consists of 60% fat. Out of which more than half is DHA omega-3 fats found in oil from fish. This is the reason credit for the proper growth and brain development in children.

– It also helps improve focus, concentration and memory where your child is sharp and clear.

– It is good for the eyes, improve vision, clarity and perception and provides extensive protection against any eye disorder.

– Fish oil for kids help prevent mood swings, headaches, stomach cramps, dizziness and irritability and let your child stay healthy.

– It also strengthens the health of the immune system and provide it the power to combat various ailments.

So you see, these wonderful benefits to offer the oil you can prove that the added benefit that your child right is earned. But how do you claim these benefits?

Easy – start looking for fish oil supplements.

The good supplements are prepared from the best source of omega-3 fats ie Hoki – a fish found in the pristine waters of New Zealand or the common fish – salmon and mackerel. Before they are prepared should care is taken to clean and separate the oil from the water pollution in the water body from which the fish was caught.

It is extremely important. Unless this is ensured, you can actually end up your child exposure to these potentially harmful pollutants; it is something you will never want.

So there you have it. Now that you know how beneficial fish oil for children, I am sure you will start your research and make sure you choose nothing but the best omega 3 supplement for your child. After all it is their health, growth and development that is at stake, right?

Start your research today and start to enjoy the benefits that can bring fish oil for children.

Buying Indonesian Teak Furniture

Outdoor furniture of teak wood has long been one of the most sought after in terms of appearance. This is because the furniture is very durable, beautiful, and is seen to be a most excellent wood when used outdoors. Most of the furniture comes from Indonesia. But it is different depending on the type and price.

Manufacturing in Indonesia is very diverse. There are companies that buy from carpenter individuals who are at home. Then the product is named and sold as if they were great company. Many cases of ordinary wood is mixed with chemicals in order to show a color similar to teak.


In Indonesia, more organized because manufacturing is built using modern and sophisticated machinery. That’s why the end result is much better and professional course.

It is important to start by asking whether the real identity of class A. The answer will be notified to the consumers a lot. Teak from Indonesia a beautiful golden yellow and rarely class A. If it appears reddish color on wood, it is common to teak Amazon and big box stores. This can be termed as teak but will not achieve the same silvery color with time weathering. Indonesian teak is very good, but only the identity of the United States that are considered as class A.

One of the true beauty of teak is a natural oil. This is the natural qualities that make it so lasting and waterproof. excuse the shipbuilders use teak is the same reason the manufacture of outdoor furniture. Teak will withstand the destructive elements of nature and durable. –

Indonesian Teak outdoor furniture can be a beautiful and enduring. While a class may not be as high quality teak America, the line at an attractive price and quality to be good. Consumers are going to do a little research and asking the right questions can discover the identity of Indonesia that will last for years.